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Our free Pinterest Scraper allows you to get "pins" along with a user's profile. This unofficial Pinterest API is designed to give you more details than you can see in the web interface. It also enables you to extract public data from Pinterest without limits.

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No Followers count


spr123 opened this issue
a month ago

Does this show the followers count ?

Also scraping 4300 urls but why is it showing as 8600 requests handled and we are not anywhere near finished

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15 days ago

Any update on this please ?

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Hi! Actor updated with option "Scrape only profile data" (or scrapeOnlyProfileData as json input), please use it to get profile details with counters. Pins include limited profile data for reference purposes.

Sample run

I´m going to close the issue now, but if there would be anything else we could help with, please let us know.

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