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Best Diffbot alternative = Apify

What does Apify do?

Apify is an open software platform that makes it easy to develop and run data extraction, web automation, and web integration tools at scale.

What does Diffbot do?

Diffbot automates web data extraction from any website using AI, computer vision, and machine learning.

Ryo Chiba

Co-founder at Topic

Apify benefits

Extract data from any website

Use the Apify code editor to process even the most complex websites with the power of Robotic Process Automation.

World's largest template library

No more guessing which data to extract. Use a pre-built extraction template built by our developer ecosystem.

Only pay for the data you need

Don’t pay for stale data. Extract the data you need, when you need it, and benefit from Apify’s usage-based pricing.

The scalable solution

Need millions of data records, custom integrations and guaranteed performance? Leverage our enterprise team for project success.

Why data teams love Apify

Online code editor

Apify Store




Ready for scale

Built for enterprise

Get a complete end-to-end solution built by Apify for all your web scraping, data extraction and web automation needs.


Process millions of records, integrate Apify into your tech stack, and get the data you need to grow.


Data cleansing, Service Level Agreement & support team ensures clean data on time, every time.


With 7+ years of experience supporting enterprise customers, our team ensures project success.