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Best Mozenda alternative = Apify

What does Apify do?

Apify is an open software platform that makes it easy to develop and run data extraction, web automation and web integration tools at scale.

What does Mozenda do?

Mozenda automatically detects information organized in lists on user-specified web pages and allows users to build agents to collect this data.

Bryce Davies

Founder at SeedLever

Apify benefits

100% cloud from build to deploy

Build, test, and run web automations on the Apify platform. Forget clunky desktop installers or virtual machines.

Find a pre-built solution on Apify Store

No need to reinvent the wheel - find preconfigured automation tools for popular websites and maintained by the Apify community.

Proxies to help you get the data you need

Extract large volumes of data with confidence with Apify’s trusted datacenter or residential proxies.

Leverage the Apify developer community

Cut down your time to delivery with the Apify community. Access world-class documentation, advice, and real world code examples for reference.

Why data teams love Apify



Online code editor


Complete API

Ready for scale

Built for enterprise

Get a complete end-to-end solution built by Apify for all your web scraping, data extraction and web automation needs.


Process millions of records, integrate Apify into your tech stack and avoid anti-web scraping


Data cleansing, Service Level Agreement & Support team ensures clean data on time, every time


With 7+ years of experience supporting enterprise customers, our team ensures project success.