Best ScrapingBee alternative = Apify

ScrapingBee says that it works great for general web scraping tasks without getting blocked, but is that enough for a modern web scraping and automation solution?

What does Apify do?

Apify is an open software platform that makes it easy to develop and run data extraction, web automation, and web integration tools at scale.

What does ScrapingBee do?

ScrapingBee API handles rotating proxies, data extraction, headless browsers, and solving CAPTCHAS.

Comparison table Apify Scrapingbee
Program Headless Chrome browsers in JavaScript
Scale up using proxies
API access
Store and manage data in the cloud
Library of pre-built web scrapers
Host code anywhere Fetch from repository, push code from local computer, or use our online code editor Manage code hosting yourself
Usage-based pricing
Enterprise success team Get in touch
Export to CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, or RSS Feed JSON only
Schedule one-off or repeating extractions

Ease of use to start and actor. Plenty of documentation available. Quick response times from customer support.

Ariel Herrera

Founder at AnalyticsAriel

Apify benefits

Why data teams love Apify


Set extractions to run on schedule and process recurring jobs programmatically.


Store datasets from web extractions in cloud storage. Search for data, images, and text, and export to multiple file formats.

Apify Store

Access hundreds of ready-made actors to kickstart your data extraction or automation project.


Monitor web scraper health, set a custom geolocation, and monitor traffic across IP addresses.

Complete API

Run, stop, and manage web extractions using a full-featured API. Export data from extractions and integrate into your tech stack.

Ready for scale

The Apify platform automatically scales up resources to run as many actors as you want. Forget about managing physical servers.

Built for enterprise

Get a complete end-to-end solution built by Apify for all your web scraping, data extraction, and web automation needs.


Process millions of records, integrate Apify into your tech stack, and get the data you need.


Data cleansing, Service Level Agreement & support team ensures clean data on time, every time


With 7+ years of experience supporting enterprise customers, our team ensures project success.