Best Zyte alternative = Apify

Struggling to find a practical and reliable alternative to Zyte? From cloud data storage to seamlessly integrated anti-blocking solutions, Apify offers all the necessary tools for high-scale web scraping and browser automation in one single place.

What does Apify do?

Apify is an open software platform that makes it easy to develop and run data extraction, web automation, and web integration tools at scale. In other words, Apify is your one-stop-shop for web scraping, data extraction, and RPA.

What does Zyte do?

Formerly named Scrapinghub, Zyte is a data extraction company offering data extraction services, proxies, software-specific browser automation, and cloud hosting for Scrapy spiders.

Comparison tableApifyZyte
Built-in intuitive code editor to run and test scrapers in real-timeโœ…โŒ
User-friendly interface to run, monitor, and audit scraper performanceโœ…โŒ
Track platform usage and resource consumptionโœ…โŒ
Native web integration support
(Zapier, Make, Webhooks, etc.)
Multi-language support
(host software written in any programming language)
(restricted to Scrapy-related software)
Schedule crawling jobsโœ…โœ…
Scale up using proxiesโœ…โœ…
Export data in multiple formats
(CSV, Excel, JSON, HTML, etc.)
API accessโœ…โœ…
Store and manage data in the cloudโœ…โŒ
Library of ready to use, pre-built web scrapersโœ…โŒ
Developer communityJoin hereโŒ

We started scraping in late 2017 using a homegrown Python framework built on top of Scrapy. This carried us through to 2019, at which point we were facing a number of structural limits with Scrapy and our framework which were severely impacting our product and engineering roadmaps. Now, by using Apify SDK, we've saved as much as 90% on Amazon EC2 costs and boosted their data collection processes by 60%. The combination of Javascript, Node, and Apify gave us all the pieces we needed to address every one of our existing challenges, futureproof our platform, and resume scaling up our web collection activities.

Charlie Orford

Lead Engineer on Data Collection at Daltix

Apify benefits

Build, test & deploy on the Apify platform

From concept to production, experience a web data extraction platform that allows you to build, test and deploy in record time.

Web scraping with the power of RPA

More than a web scraper, use the power of Apifyโ€™s Robotic Process Automation to clean, pipe and transform your data.

World-class developer ecosystem

Take your project to production faster with the full support of the Apify community, project templates and guides.

The scalable solution

Need millions of data records, custom integrations and guaranteed performance? Leverage our enterprise team for project success.

Why data teams love Apify


Set extractions to run on schedule and process recurring jobs programmatically.


Store datasets from web extractions in cloud storage. Search for data, images and text and export to multiple file formats.

Apify Store

Access hundreds of ready-made actors to kickstart you data extraction or automation project.


Monitor web scraper health, set a custom geolocation and monitor traffic across IP addresses.

Complete API

Run, stop and manage web extractions using a full-featured API. Export data from extractions and integrate into your tech stack.

Ready for scale

The Apify platform automatically scales up resources to run as many actors as you want. Forget about managing physical servers.

Efficient by every measure

By using Apify SDK, companies can save as much as 90% on Amazon EC2 costs and boost their data collection processes by 60%. Read more in our case study with Daltix.

Built for enterprise

Get a complete end-to-end solution built by Apify for all your web scraping, data extraction and web automation needs.


Process millions of records, integrate Apify into your tech stack, and get the data you need as you grow.


Monitoring, maintenance & Service Level Agreement in place to ensure clean data on time, every time.


With 7+ years of experience supporting enterprise customers, our team ensures project success.