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Scrape comments from facebook posts from a user, page, group member etc.

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When trying to scrape comment


infinite_pistachio opened this issue
8 days ago

2024-06-05T20:27:06.572Z ACTOR: Pulling Docker image of build 47eJHy2yhmlDuQaIe from repository. 2024-06-05T20:27:06.666Z ACTOR: Creating Docker container. 2024-06-05T20:27:06.708Z ACTOR: Starting Docker container. 2024-06-05T20:27:09.011Z INFO System info {"apifyVersion":"3.1.7","apifyClientVersion":"2.7.1","crawleeVersion":"3.4.0","osType":"Linux","nodeVersion":"v16.20.2"} 2024-06-05T20:27:13.600Z INFO Facebook account detected: Jairo Herrera 2024-06-05T20:27:15.259Z TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'node') 2024-06-05T20:27:15.262Z at FacebookApi.getComments (file:///usr/src/app/src/client.js:185:38) 2024-06-05T20:27:15.264Z at runMicrotasks (

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