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Our Realtor Agents Data Scraper delivers a comprehensive database of agents from, including contact details and stats. Perfect for professionals seeking quick, detailed market analysis.

Here's the revised file for the Scraper, including your custom links and a revamped presentation of information:

1# Real Estate Data Scraper
3## About, a leading real estate listings platform, is part of News Corp's Move, Inc. Operating from Santa Clara, California, it ranks as the second most visited real estate website in the USA, attracting over 100 million users monthly.
6## About This Actor
7Our Scraper is the ultimate tool for extracting detailed data on real estate agents across specific U.S. regions. It efficiently gathers information on Agents, Groups, or Companies, tailoring results to your specified criteria.
9## How It Works
11**Example Input:**
14  "searchQueries": ["Denver, CO", "Seattle, WA"]

Example Output:

2  {
3    "agentName": "Judi Pobst",
4    "agentCompanyName": "Keller Williams Realty",
5    "phoneNumber": "(727) 808-0808",
6    "forSale": 25,
7    "sold": 159,
8    "lastListing": "2024-01-14"
9  },
10  {
11    "agentName": "Jacob Schmidt",
12    "agentCompanyName": "CAPSTAR REAL ESTATE LLC",
13    "phoneNumber": "(727) 744-0273",
14    "forSale": 4,
15    "sold": 79,
16    "lastListing": "2024-01-14"
17  }

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Start extracting valuable real estate data with our Scraper today. Perfect for market analysis and enhancing your real estate ventures!

This version simplifies the structure while ensuring all your custom links are included for a complete and user-friendly guide.
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