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Lightweight scraper. It doesn't go into property details, making it 43 times faster and cheaper. You still get price, size, location, coordinates, type, broker, year built, zip code, etc for millions of properties listed on, filtered according to your needs.

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Actor picture Scraper Light

Free trial for 7 days

Then $15/month

What does Scraper Light do?

Our unofficial Scraper will get data from search pages and output it in a variety of formats: CSV, Excel, XML, RSS, JSON, HTML. Scraper Light allows you to scrape search pages (with filters applied) and extract the following info about each listing:

How is it different from other scrapers?

This parser doesn't go into listing details, so you won't be able to get info like neighboring schools. On are 42 items per page, so not visiting each details page is 43 times faster and cheaper.

How much will it cost to scrape And how long does it take?

It's virtually free. You will get about 500,000 results for $1.

It takes about 30 seconds to get 1000 results.


startUrls: search urls, for example Montana homes with lot size over 5 acres - and here are the results for this URL. Set as many filters as you wish, copy the resulting page addresses. These are your start urls. Make sure only to use the first search result pages.

limitPages: Want to only fetch the first 5 pages? Set this to 5.


    "startUrls": [{
        "url": ""
    "limitPages": 2


You'll get data regarding each particular listing. You can download those results as an Excel, HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV document.


  "href": "",
  "status": "for_sale",
  "listing_id": "2942617841",
  "list_price": 215000,
  "beds": 2,
  "baths": 1,
  "stories": 2,
  "type": "single_family",
  "lot_sqft": 467399,
  "sqft": 800,
  "year_built": 2010,
  "address_line": "196 Paul Creek Ln",
  "postal_code": "59421",
  "state_code": "MT",
  "city": "Cascade",
  "list_date": "2022-04-30T23:33:50Z",
  "brokered_by": "Canyon Properties Llc",
  "county_name": "Cascade",
  "fips_code": "30013",
  "main_pic": "",
  "secondary_pic": "",
  "lat": 47.170208,
  "lon": -111.926708

What else is it possible to get?

Here's the full info available on search pages. Some of it has been omitted from results since it was deemed uninteresting by developer (me). If you need any of this - tell me and I'll add it in minimal time.

  "property_id": "9322425285",
  "list_price": 850000,
  "primary_photo": {
    "href": ""
  "source": {
    "id": "GAMT",
    "agents": [
        "office_name": null
    "type": "mls",
    "spec_id": null,
    "plan_id": null
  "community": null,
  "products": {
    "brand_name": "essentials",
    "products": [
  "listing_id": "2942615386",
  "matterport": false,
  "virtual_tours": null,
  "status": "for_sale",
  "permalink": "4-Box-Canyon-Rd_Livingston_MT_59047_M93224-25285",
  "price_reduced_amount": null,
  "other_listings": {
    "rdc": [
        "listing_id": "2942615386",
        "status": "for_sale",
        "listing_key": null,
        "primary": true
        "listing_id": "2933683309",
        "status": "off_market",
        "listing_key": null,
        "primary": null
  "description": {
    "beds": 3,
    "baths": 2,
    "baths_full": 2,
    "baths_half": null,
    "baths_1qtr": null,
    "baths_3qtr": null,
    "garage": null,
    "stories": 1,
    "type": "mobile",
    "sub_type": null,
    "lot_sqft": 1540282,
    "sqft": 897,
    "year_built": 1992,
    "sold_price": null,
    "sold_date": "2012-08-10",
    "name": null
  "location": {
    "street_view_url": "",
    "address": {
      "line": "4 Box Canyon Rd",
      "postal_code": "59047",
      "state": "Montana",
      "state_code": "MT",
      "city": "Livingston",
      "coordinate": {
        "lat": 45.627504,
        "lon": -110.644814
    "county": {
      "name": "Park",
      "fips_code": "30067"
  "tax_record": {
    "public_record_id": "183BF8F1D0C41F16A363CA3F315A8A4D"
  "lead_attributes": {
    "show_contact_an_agent": true,
    "opcity_lead_attributes": {
      "cashback_enabled": true,
      "flip_the_market_enabled": true
    "lead_type": "co_broke"
  "open_houses": null,
  "flags": {
    "is_coming_soon": null,
    "is_pending": null,
    "is_foreclosure": null,
    "is_contingent": null,
    "is_new_construction": null,
    "is_new_listing": true,
    "is_price_reduced": null,
    "is_plan": null,
    "is_subdivision": null
  "list_date": "2022-04-30T20:23:21Z",
  "last_update_date": "2022-04-30T14:22:35Z",
  "coming_soon_date": null,
  "photos": [
      "href": ""
      "href": ""
  "tags": [
  "branding": [
      "type": "Office",
      "photo": null,
      "name": "Yellowstone Real Estate Group"
  "home_photos": {
    "collection": [
        "href": ""
        "href": ""
    "count": 2

Contact / Edits / Improvements

If you'd like to see this actor improved some way, for example, by also including public tax record, or whether a home has a garage, please contact me at and I'll do it free of charge (if technically possible).


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