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Get valuable insight from realtor agents data. This scraper provides you complete database of all agents from including agent contact details and statistics. Find all the active agents in a market within 60 seconds.

About is a real estate listings website operated by the News Corp subsidiary Move, Inc. and based in Santa Clara, California. It is the second most visited real estate listings website in the United States as of 2021, with over 100 million monthly active users.

About This Actor The best way to scrape data from about real-estate agents in specific region inside United States. Search for Agent, Group, Company based on multiple criteria.

Example #1: Basic Usage

2"searchQueries": [
3"Tampa, FL",
4"Atlanta, GA"

Output Sample

2"agentName": "Judi Pobst",
3"agentCompanyName": "Keller Williams Realty",
4"phoneNumber": "(727) 808-0808",
5"forSale": "25",
6"sold": "159",
7"lastListing": " 2024-01-14"
10"agentName": "Jacob Schmidt",
11"agentCompanyName": "CAPSTAR REAL ESTATE LLC",
12"phoneNumber": "(727) 744-0273",
13"forSale": "4",
14"sold": "79",
15"lastListing": " 2024-01-14"
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