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Simple Realtor Scraper

Simple Realtor Scraper

Try for free

Pay $100.00 for 1,000 results

Simple Realtor scraper will enable you to extracting properties (ex: image url, price, address, latitude, longitude, bathrooms, bedrooms, home status, home type, broker name) from very fast and consume less resources

What does Simple Realtor scraper do?

Simple Realtor scraper will enable you to extracting properties from

Simple Realtor scraper can scrape:

  • Extract data about properties (ex: image url, price, address, latitude, longitude, bathrooms, bedrooms, home status, home type, broker name) for sale and rent on Realtor
  • Scraper millions of properties very fast and consume less resources.

Why scrape Realtor?

Use the data to add value to your real estate business by providing extra information to your visitors. Extract business intelligence to predict the future of the real estate market, track demographic changes, and identify popular new neighborhoods. Make smarter investment decisions by ensuring that you understand how the market is changing. Automate real estate agency lead generation and make sure that you can find, and keep, the right clients in the long term. Find new ways to provide tech services to real estate agencies and local listings agencies. Train AI models to predict future trends and act fast when opportuities arise. These are just some ideas to get you thinking about how web scraping can give you the data you need. Check out our dedicated Real Estate page for more inspiration.

How to scrape Realtor

It's easy to scrape Realtor with Simple Realtor scraper. Just follow these few steps and you'll get your data in a few minutes.

  1. Click on Try for free.
  2. Copy a search URL from which you want to scrape and paste it to the actor.
  3. Click on Start.
  4. When Simple Realtor scraper has finished, preview or download your data from the Dataset tab.

How much will it cost to scrape Realtor?

Apify gives you with $5 free usage credits every month on the Apify Free plan. You can get 100,000 results per month from Simple Realtor scraper for that, so those 100k results will be completely free!

But if you need to get more data regularly from, you should grab an Apify subscription. We recommend our $49/month Personal plan - you can get up to 1,000,000 every month with the $49 monthly plan!

Or get 10 million results for $499 with the Team plan - wow!


The actor stores its results into the default dataset associated with the actor run. The data can be downloaded in machine-readable formats such as JSON, HTML, CSV or Excel.

Custom Realtor scraping solution

If you want to scrape Realtor, but don't want to run the scraper yourself, you can request a custom solution.

Note that personal data is protected by GDPR in the European Union and by other regulations around the world. You should not scrape personal data unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. If you're unsure whether your reason is legitimate, consult your lawyers. We also recommend that you read our blog post: is web scraping legal?


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