Cars & Bids Scraper

Extract data about cars auctions from the Cars & Bids website. For the scrape, you can filter by body style, year, mileage, etc. As the output, you'll get only the cars you need.

Input Parameters

startYear - the minimum year that the search can have by default is 1981.

endYear - the top search year by default is 2023.

transmission - The transmission type by default is All.

bodyStyles - You can set the body style of the search default value is All.

sort - The order you want the results (Ending soon, listed, no reserve, lowest mileage). Not all the options in this variable work with pastAcutions.

maxItems - You can get a specific amount of results. if you want a unlimited number of results just leave null

pastAuctions - If you want get past auctions set true this variable. We recommend put a max items limit because at this moment cars&bids have more than 7000 past auctions

Output example

  "title": "2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am",
  "url": "",
  "ending": "July 13th at 2:42 PM",
  "bidValue": 1632,
  "timeLeft": "6 Days",
  "info": {
    "Make": "Pontiac",
    "Model": "Firebird",
    "Mileage": 71300,
    "VIN": "2G2FV22G7Y2165446",
    "Title Status": "Clean (WI)",
    "Location": "Kenosha, WI 53143",
    "Seller": "Distilled",
    "Engine": "5.7L V8",
    "Drivetrain": "Rear-wheel drive",
    "Transmission": "Automatic (4-Speed)",
    "Body Style": "Coupe",
    "Exterior Color": "Bright Red",
    "Interior Color": "Black",
    "Seller Type": "Private Party"
  "images": [
The output is saved in the default dataset.


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