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Walmart Data Extractor

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3 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

Access a vast array of product data from Walmart with our Walmart Scraper. Extract images, brand details, prices, variations, and more. Customize your search with filters, categories, and lists to gather the information you need.


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expert_candlestand opened this issue
2 years ago

Hi, I am trying out your scraper and it seems to be very slow in the trial version. I need to scrape a few hundred thousand products per day. Do you have a solution for that? Thanks!

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epctex (epctex)

2 years ago

Hey David,

Unfortunately Walmart blocks the scraper a lot and this is the most optimized version. We'll going to revise it once the security of the website is more eased down or they'll going to have some changes.


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