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Most of my Actor Time is being spent on reclaiming as i am getting blocked


scraper_karthik opened this issue
2 years ago - 1 Compute units to fetch 8 Rows - 7 mins - 6 Compute units to fetch 100 Rows - 21 mins

Please Check the following run and the same thing is happing in other runs as well Most of my Run time and actor compute units are being spent on reclaiming it took almost 1 compute unit to fetch 8 rows of data

Please resolve the following issue Thanks

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epctex (epctex)

2 years ago

Hey Karthik,

Thank you for the issue. Unfortunately there is not much we can do at this point. There are lots of different reasons for the blocking on the websites. In our case, the actor scrapes several and gets blocked afterwards. This kind of issues lead us to thing about the proxies. I suggest you to try Residential proxies rather than the datacenter ones.


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