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Price Detector (Experimental)
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Price Detector (Experimental)

Price Detector (Experimental)

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This actor implements a price detection AI model. Given a snapshot of a product detail webpage, it will try to find the current price and the original price (if the product was discounted). The current measured accuracy is around 95%.

Please note that this release is experimental, which is why its usage is restricted to those with our permission. If you want to use it, email Also, the detector is constrained to EU currencies and USD at this point. It will likely not work well for webpages containing other currencies.


There are two ways to input the product details webpage snapshots into the actor: (for an explanation of the specific attributes, see below)

  1. If you only want to detect price in a single webpage:

    2   "restrictionPassword": "...",
    3   "html": "8f24f3cdbd09780884108c2ed43bd0e4240dfd43a553779b55815c2b2a144cf0.html",
    4   "kvStoreId": "RexjDmnTvJcAuWLZn",
    5   "mhtml": "8f24f3cdbd09780884108c2ed43bd0e4240dfd43a553779b55815c2b2a144cf0.mhtml",
    6   "url": ""
  2. If you need to detect it in multiple webpages in one run:

    2   "restrictionPassword": "...",
    3   "webpages": [
    4       {
    5           "html": "8f24f3cdbd09780884108c2ed43bd0e4240dfd43a553779b55815c2b2a144cf0.html",
    6           "kvStoreId": "RexjDmnTvJcAuWLZn",
    7           "mhtml": "8f24f3cdbd09780884108c2ed43bd0e4240dfd43a553779b55815c2b2a144cf0.mhtml",
    8           "url": ""
    9       },
    10       {
    11           "url": "",
    12           "kvStoreId": "RO7fsSWGF9Q0gArn6",
    13           "html": "ee5f837b7d863a32d6088efac8433e7d3b976a8ca7ca17b6adcb5196e75830e9.html",
    14           "mhtml": "ee5f837b7d863a32d6088efac8433e7d3b976a8ca7ca17b6adcb5196e75830e9.mhtml"
    15       }
    16   ]

As you can see, there are five input attributes:

  1. restrictionPassword - a password required for the actor to run
  2. kvStoreId - Id of the key value store that contains the html and mhtml snapshots (due to size restrictions, the snapshots themselves cannot be passed in the input and need to be passed through another key value store)
  3. url - URL of the webpage being processed
  4. html - Key to a record in the snapshot key value store that contains the page's HTML snapshot
  5. mhtml - Key to a record in the snapshot key value store that contains the page's MHTML snapshot


Outputs are put into the default dataset of the actor run, with each row corresponding to one of the webpages on the input. Each of those rows looks like this:

2   "url": "",
3   "currentPrice": 49,
4   "referralPrice": 236,
5   "currency": "NOK"


  1. url is the webpage's url from the input
  2. currentPrice is the price the products currently sells for
  3. referralPrice is the price before discount (when the product is discounted)
  4. currency is the currency (if it can be determined)
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