Turo Car Listing Scraper

3 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

Turo Car Listing Scraper

Turo Car Listing Scraper


3 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

Powerful Turo.com scraper to extract data from Turo car listings. Download Turo listings data as an HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, or XML doc.

Turo Scraper

This scraper accepts search locations and search URLs as input and returns vehicle listing data.

How do I use Turo Scraper?

Turo Scraper is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who have never extracted data from Turo before, Here鈥檚 how you can use Turo Scraper to extract listings data:

  • Create an Apify account.
  • Open Turo Scraper.
  • Add one or more Turo search URLs or location lists to scrape data.
  • Click the "Start" button and wait for the data to be extracted.
  • Download your data in JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, or HTML.

Input example

The input for Turo Scraper should be a search URLs or locations list. You can add as many URLs as you want or even import a CSV file or Google Sheet with a prepared list of URLs. Then select the results limit, and click Start. Click on the input tab for a full explanation of an input example in JSON.

What data can you scrape?

  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year
  • Vehicle images
  • Vehicle specs
  • Vehicle location
  • Vehicle license plate and VIN numbers
  • Vehicle rental price
  • Listing created time
  • Number of rentals
  • Vehicle owner info
  • Listing URL And a lot of other data

Data output example

The scraped data will be shown as a dataset which you can find in the Storage tab. Turo.com Scraper output example You can preview all the fields and choose in which format to download the Turo listing data you鈥檝e extracted: JSON, Excel, HTML table, CSV, or XML. Here below is the same dataset in JSON:

[ { "id": 1817348, "type": "CAR", "vin": "2C3CDZBT6JH269294", "make": "Dodge", "model": "Challenger", "year": 2018, "automaticTransmission": true, "licensPlate": "8VKE390", "licensPlateState": "CA", "listingCreatedTime": 1670616702000, "url": "https://turo.com/us/en/car-rental/united-states/miami-fl/dodge/challenger/1817348", "marketCountry": "US", "description": "Dodge Challenger RT V8 with a sunroof for rental in Miami International Airport.\n\nBeautiful American muscle car perfectly fits for your daily needs!\nEnjoy your rides on the streets of Florida!\n\nThe car is located 5 minutes away from Miami International Airport.\n\nSHORT TERM - LONG TERM - LAST MINUTES ARE WELCOME\n\nEmpower your journey!\n\nWorking hours: 8 AM to 8 PM.\n\nWhy rent from us?\n鉁匴e鈥檙e open 24/7. Land at 2am, fly out at 5am? We got you covered!\n鉁匴e guarantee customer satisfaction!\n鉁匒ll our cars have UNLIMITED mileage options. \n鉁匒ll cars are INSTANT BOOKING! \n鉁匴e accept all trip modifications, even if it means giving a refund!\n鉁匴ashed and clean cars! We want you to enjoy your trip!\n鉁匞ot kids? We have baby seats for rent!\n\nRead our reviews to rent with confidence!\nCheck out our other vehicles too!\n\nYou are welcome to use Sunpass. Transponder ID: 054477491010. \n\n\nPlease be advised that parking fees may be your responsibility if you park a car during or immediately after your trip, or if you place a delivery order after 8 pm.", "basicCarDetails": { "averageFuelEconomy": 19, "averageFuelEconomyWithLabel": "19 MPG", "cityFuelEconomy": 15, "fuelGrade": { "label": "Premium", "value": "PREMIUM" }, "fuelType": { "label": "Gas", "value": "GASOLINE" }, "fuelTypeAndGradeLabel": "Gas (Premium)", "fuelUnit": "MILES_PER_GALLON", "fuelUnitLabel": "MPG", "highwayFuelEconomy": 23, "numberOfDoors": 2, "numberOfDoorsLabel": "2 doors", "numberOfSeats": 5, "numberOfSeatsLabel": "5 seats" }, "images": [ "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/sJ1iPEZpT8mZtqnOU_lr2A.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/Xsnww4guT2Gd_eIGLvboSQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/qfMFqS6kTMmKdkuus-dZ9g.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/5ddcVKLeRAmDxPTr4VMprw.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/eZG4eVJoTrOdxoPQ4VYg4w.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/B9DwohyFRZ2Oj-kojctd3A.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/FoVHop6ySrmBqx39-DuMXg.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/QvLrnycBRVicn6TWFzqOzQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/uTTc1bPAT_OiJxzhnP8-dQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/mzAZxSb_Qm6nm8Nhpg7g_A.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/uG1sGSrPQ4mP7hlIDmeWvA.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/5S93n4bWSjuTuPkyM3YIBQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/JUdWFUWsSb2hfDox0plHNw.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/oEAqsnZUSxWkofEZjPH73Q.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/wgdxz-X-SSC4ArnMY-QfxA.jpg" ], "location": { "country": "US", "state": "FL", "city": "Miami", "address": "Miami, FL 33142", "latitude": 25.801856238274475, "longitude": -80.2623168918465 }, "minimumAgeInYearsToRent": 21, "numberOfFavorites": 556, "numberOfRentals": 58, "numberOfReviews": 46, "turoGo": false, "dailyPrice": 63.33, "owner": { "firstName": "CARSAN", "lastName": "..", "id": 2710289, "url": "https://turo.com/us/en/drivers/2710289", "image": "https://images.turo.com/media/driver/ghoGTayzSi2Pb0shG67GJQ.jpg" } }, { "id": 1432430, "type": "SUV", "vin": "3N1CP5DV6NL500897", "make": "Nissan", "model": "Kicks", "year": 2022, "automaticTransmission": true, "licensPlate": "66BHJB", "licensPlateState": "FL", "listingCreatedTime": 1649560787000, "url": "https://turo.com/us/en/suv-rental/united-states/miami-fl/nissan/kicks/1432430", "marketCountry": "US", "description": "We speak English Hablamos Espa帽ol This is a brand new premium package Nissan kicks .\n\nKicks will get you some serious style points with a bold front end, available LED taillights, and striking 17\" wheels. Discover style, tech, and more.\n\nCABIN COMFORT FOR FIVE\n\nKicks is designed for you and the crew with smart storage, ample cargo room, and comfortable seating for five. \n[*]\n\nExactly how you like it\n\nStyle meets tech, inside and out. Kicks features expertly crafted interior design, next-level comfort, smart technology, and countless choices for customization.\n\nThis is everything you could want from a center console: storage for your phone, wallet, and other essentials, a larger area for you and your front passenger to rest your arms and much more \nWe will be happy to help you with your trip at anytime and we speak English y espa帽ol para su conveniencia nos vemos pronto !!!", "basicCarDetails": { "averageFuelEconomy": 33.5, "averageFuelEconomyWithLabel": "34 MPG", "cityFuelEconomy": 31, "fuelGrade": null, "fuelType": { "label": "Gas", "value": "GASOLINE" }, "fuelTypeAndGradeLabel": "Gas", "fuelUnit": "MILES_PER_GALLON", "fuelUnitLabel": "MPG", "highwayFuelEconomy": 36, "numberOfDoors": 4, "numberOfDoorsLabel": "4 doors", "numberOfSeats": null, "numberOfSeatsLabel": null }, "images": [ "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/cI6EJT44TnGkZr5twuCLYg.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/EkEHvp6TRfqL5zhPSL9xCg.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/Fw3XLQdRT_GjEyJbLbZazQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/hnuGR8frSP-3eQOnaiRhBA.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/-ae-VD8wSAyKyWNYr55ziQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/8Z0wPRjXTmSkOZ6W8gnnQg.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/APkMTYcTTgGHSpJ22U2k7w.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/kdvWwisfR6OTTzOwW0Qp5w.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/aeIRICxAS9WE86NiBP7h2A.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/Ev9nXo3dSR-eNBuNzFCHyQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/Iz6gwxxDSHaLBBwCDB6IGQ.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/tu0bXUhDTLWq7IERNhjBig.jpg", "https://images.turo.com/media/vehicle/images/ueDI4PqpQoaeDnXkhQOlXw.jpg" ], "location": { "country": "US", "state": "FL", "city": "Miami", "address": "Miami, FL 33144", "latitude": 25.759590913390824, "longitude": -80.33147998680356 }, "minimumAgeInYearsToRent": 21, "numberOfFavorites": 290, "numberOfRentals": 78, "numberOfReviews": 65, "turoGo": false, "dailyPrice": 40, "owner": { "firstName": "Roberto", "lastName": "G.", "id": 18742789, "url": "https://turo.com/us/en/drivers/18742789", "image": "https://images.turo.com/media/driver/t_qoOJtSTnqPGM0iyV0QVA.jpg" } } ]

How much will it cost to scrape Turo listings?

100 results cost about $0.224, with default settings. Apify provides you with $5 free usage credits to use every month on the Apify Free plan and you can get up to 2200 listing data for those credits. Note that the cost of parsing depends on the actor settings and other factors and may vary.

Is it legal to scrape Turo.com?

Our scrapers are ethical and do not extract any private user data, such as email addresses, gender, or location. They only extract what the user has chosen to share publicly. We therefore believe that our scrapers, when used for ethical purposes by Apify users, are safe. However, you should be aware that your results could contain personal data. Personal data is protected by the GDPR in the European Union and by other regulations around the world. You should not scrape personal data unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. If you're unsure whether your reason is legitimate, consult your lawyers. You can also read our blog post on the legality of web scraping

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