Get the right inputs to predict trends, make investment decisions, automate processes, and build new products.

Web scraping for the manufacturing industry is making the Industry 5.0 revolution a reality with data from the web.

The availability of manufacturing and related data on the web has opened up new possibilities, providing the inputs needed to predict trends, make better investment decisions, automate processes, and build new products.

How fast is the world changing?

COVID-19 has been tough on the manufacturing industry. Declines in production, forced shutdowns in the early days of the pandemic, and industry-wide layoffs are just a few of the many challenges. Manufacturers should set goals for data extraction and analysis across the global manufacturing footprint, as this step alone is a key to identifying breakpoints and opportunities for improvement.

Apify delivers a fully-featured crawler with the ability to handle login prompts out of the box, along with everything you expect from a cloud-based service provider. API is easy to use and well-documented, including Webhooks. Handles login where needed. Price point is good.

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Providing actionable data to forward-thinking manufacturing companies

How web scraping and web automation are redefining the manufacturing industry

Price monitoring

Monitor price changes for raw materials, commodities, or labor force on the websites of your choice at scale. Streamline the monitoring of prices for all production inputs to cut down operational costs and optimize your performance.

Competitor tracking

Track competing products and manufacturers to identify changes to their supply chain and to see how they are performing. Automate data collection and monitor the changes in real time.

Market research

Audit popular e-commerce platforms for images, products, related keywords, and more to stay ahead of emerging trends and buying habits in your vertical. Collect information across the web for market analysis, machine learning, or new product development.

Web automation

Automatically adjust your processes and bids based on predefined triggers to optimize your strategy and maximize your profits. Get notified about your suppliers and any changes in the supply chain when the price or other criteria change.

Get a custom web scraping solution for your manufacturing project

    • Outsource the development of your web scraping project to the biggest experts in the field.
    • Extract data exactly when you need it by setting up a custom scheduler.
    • Streamline the monitoring of your target websites and leave the maintenance and support to us.
    • Get high-quality data from web scraping in your preferred format (JSON, CVS, XLS, HTML) and already structured for further processing.
    • Automatically upload data via ready-made integrations or APIs for your existing tools to eliminate the risk of human error.

Extract data from any website at scale

2  {
3    "ID": 99,
4    "url": "",
5    "name": "Hilor Women's One Piece Swimsuits One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric Ruffle Monokinis Bathing…",
6    "price": "$18.99",
7    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
8    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
9    "categoryUrl": ""
10  },
11  {
12    "ID": 98,
13    "url": "",
14    "name": "Fruit of the Loom Women's Spaghetti strap Pullover Sports Bra",
15    "price": "$14.44",
16    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
17    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
18    "categoryUrl": ""
19  },
20  {
21    "ID": 97,
22    "url": "",
23    "name": "TRAVANDO Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip AUSTIN RFID Blocking Bifold Credit Card Holder…",
24    "price": "$74.18",
25    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
26    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
27    "categoryUrl": ""
28  },
29  {
30    "ID": 96,
31    "url": "",
32    "name": "MakeMeChic Women's Summer Crop Top Solid Short Sleeve Twist Front Tee T-Shirt",
33    "price": "$19.99",
34    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
35    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
36    "categoryUrl": ""
37  },
38  {
39    "ID": 95,
40    "url": "",
41    "name": "i Play. Brim Sun Protection Adjustable Hat for Baby's Head, Neck, & Eyes",
42    "price": "$96.22",
43    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
44    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
45    "categoryUrl": ""
46  },
47  {
48    "ID": 94,
49    "url": "",
50    "name": "SouqFone Swimsuits for Women Two Piece Bathing Suits Ruffled Flounce Top with High…",
51    "price": "$28.00",
52    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
53    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
54    "categoryUrl": ""
55  },
56  {
57    "ID": 93,
58    "url": "",
59    "name": "Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt",
60    "price": "$12.99",
61    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
62    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
63    "categoryUrl": ""
64  },
65  {
66    "ID": 92,
67    "url": "",
68    "name": "LouKeith Womens Tops Sleeveless Halter Racerback Summer Basic Tee Shirts Cami Tank…",
69    "price": "$20.85",
70    "category": "Amazon Best Sellers: Best Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry",
71    "thumbnail": ",200_.jpg",
72    "categoryUrl": ""
73  }

Why do manufacturing companies choose Apify?


Whatever your unique needs might be, there is no limit to what Apify can provide when it comes to web automation and data extraction. We believe that there is always a solution.


The Apify team will set up your solution and make sure it remains up and running. We make sure you get data you can rely on so you can make the right decisions.


Your solution can adjust as you grow and data can be extracted at scale. Millions of pages can be scraped, and TBs of data can be transferred as often as you need it.

Industry 5.0 is based on data. Get the right data from any website with Apify.