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How fast is the world moving around us?

The volume of data on the web continues to double every three years. Web scraping enables you to extract it and organize it the way you need for your work.

The World Resources Institute asked Omdena to help identify economic and financial incentives for forest and landscape restoration in Latin America. One of the tasks was to get 1000s of PDFs from over 100 government websites. The Omdena team solved the problem by using Apify to scrape Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and was able to download the entire 740,000 files in less than 14 hours.

Leo Sanchez

Head of Tech Partnerships at Omdena

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How web scraping and web automation are redefining the work of NGOs and governments

Machine learning

Generate large-scale datasets from the web with defined variables for training your prediction and AI models. Use the vast amount of publicly available data on the web to make the world a better place.

Document processing

Process and analyze large amounts of “natural language data” such as new policies, regulations, images, or location data and PDFs. Collect this data based on predefined triggers in your preferred format and use it for ground-breaking research or to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

Market research

Collect data from global news sources, social media, and websites of your choice to track public sentiment, identify relationships, spot fake news, and gather up-to-date intelligence.

Web automation

Automate your web workflows and any other tasks you usually do on the web manually. Let robots do the repetitive work of filling out online forms or copy-pasting data. Connect data you extract from the web to your existing tools via ready-made integrations or API.

Get a custom scraper for your project

    • Outsource the development of your web scraping project to the biggest experts in the field.
    • Extract data exactly when you need it by setting up a custom scheduler.
    • Streamline the monitoring of your target websites and leave the maintenance and support to us.
    • Get high-quality data from web scraping in your preferred format (JSON, CVS, XLS, HTML) and already structured for further processing.
    • Automatically upload data via ready-made integrations or APIs for your existing tools to eliminate the risk of human error.

Scrape data for your research at scale and become a truly data-driven institution

2  "geo": "US",
3  "date": "2021-06-02T00:00:00.000Z",
4  "query": "New Mexico special election",
5  "articles": [
6    {
7      "url": "",
8      "image": {
9        "source": "CNN",
10        "newsUrl": "",
11        "imageUrl": ""
12      },
13      "title": "Why Democrats *really* needed that New Mexico special election ...",
14      "source": "CNN",
15      "snippet": "Unless you're a MAJOR political junkie, you likely missed that there was a special election to fill an open New Mexico congressional seat on Tuesday night.",
16      "timeAgo": "11h ago"
17    },
18    {
19      "url": "",
20      "image": {
21        "source": "ABC News",
22        "newsUrl": "",
23        "imageUrl": ""
24      },
25      "title": "Blowout in New Mexico special election a hopeful sign for Democrats",
26      "source": "ABC News",
27      "snippet": "Democrat Melanie Stansbury won the special election in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District on Tuesday night, cinching a landslide victory for her party.",
28      "timeAgo": "14h ago"
29    },
30    {
31      "url": "",
32      "image": {
33        "source": "Fox News",
34        "newsUrl": "",
35        "imageUrl": ""
36      },
37      "title": "New Mexico special election results: Democrats' big win in blue ...",
38      "source": "Fox News",
39      "snippet": "State Rep. Melanie Stansbury, the Democratic candidate in a much-watched special election for a vacant House seat in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, ...",
40      "timeAgo": "15h ago"
41    },
42    {
43      "url": "",
44      "image": {
45        "source": "MSNBC",
46        "newsUrl": "",
47        "imageUrl": ""
48      },
49      "title": "Why the Dem's big win in New Mexico's special election matters",
50      "source": "MSNBC",
51      "snippet": "Republicans saw New Mexico's congressional special election as an opportunity to test a specific message ahead of the 2022 races. That test failed.",
52      "timeAgo": "21h ago"
53    },
54    {
55      "url": "",
56      "image": {
57        "source": "Slate Magazine",
58        "newsUrl": "",
59        "imageUrl": ""
60      },
61      "title": "Is a Democratic Landslide in New Mexico's Congressional Special ...",
62      "source": "Slate Magazine",
63      "snippet": "Is a Democratic Landslide in New Mexico's Congressional Special Election a Sign? · Subscribe to the Slatest Newsletter.",
64      "timeAgo": "20h ago"
65    },
66    {
67      "url": "",
68      "image": {
69        "source": "Spectrum News NY1",
70        "newsUrl": "",
71        "imageUrl": ""
72      },
73      "title": "Democrat Melanie Stansbury wins New Mexico special House ...",
74      "source": "Spectrum News NY1",
75      "snippet": "Democrat Melanie Stansbury won election to Congress for New Mexico on Tuesday with a campaign closely tied to initiatives of the Biden administration.",
76      "timeAgo": "22h ago"
77    },
78    {
79      "url": "",
80      "image": {
81        "source": "New York Magazine",
82        "newsUrl": "",
83        "imageUrl": ""
84      },
85      "title": "Democrat Wins Big in New Mexico Special Congressional Election",
86      "source": "New York Magazine",
87      "snippet": "In a New Mexico special election to replace Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, Democrat Melanie Stansbury easily defeated Republican Mark Moores and his ...",
88      "timeAgo": "17h ago"
89    }
90  ],
91  "exploreLink": "",
92  "relatedQueries": [],
93  "formattedTraffic": 50000

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