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📰 Smart Article Extractor extracts articles from any scientific, academic, or news website with just one click. The extractor crawls the whole website and automatically distinguishes articles from other web pages. Download your data as HTML table, JSON, Excel, RSS feed, and more.

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pls fix doesnt work with fox news


cardinal_lobster opened this issue
7 months ago
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Thanks for the report.

  1. I see you are using Max articles per start URL set to 50 which will limit you further.
  2. From the specific URL, it doesn't find any more subcategories. So you will need to use more generic pseudo URL like[.*]
  3. If you want only under /crime, it will need to keep scrolling down and clicking on the button "show more". This requires switching to the browser in the Browser options and adding selector to the button. See run and input as guidance: Unfortunatel,y browsers are much slower but without them, you cannot click on "show more"
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