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Apify Freelancers is where we connect people or companies that need a custom web scraping or automation solution with skilled developers like yourself. Get paid per project and work any time from anywhere around the world.

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Contact us and we'll guide you through our onboarding process. After you learn enough about the Apify platform, you'll need to pass a test.

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Review projects submitted by customers and if you find an interesting one, just send your price offer. If the customer selects your proposal, you can start development.


Build the solution according to the customer's requirements. You'll communicate with the customer directly, and the Apify team is always around if you need any help.

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Once the project is finished and approved by the customer, you'll get payment in full. We send payments on a monthly basis after you send us an invoice.

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Apify Platform

Apify Platform

The developed solutions are delivered in a form of actors — serverless cloud programs running on Apify. They can use proxies to avoid blocking by target sites and store data in specialized storages.

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The main tools used to develop web scraping and automation solutions on Apify include Node.js, Apify SDK, headless Chrome with Puppeteer, and Cheerio.



Based on project complexity, you can earn $50–$500 per project. Developers working full-time earn $1500–$4000 per month (before taxes), depending on their skills.

Meet our developers

In our community, we work together and help each other. You will get support from the Apify team and other Freelancers.

Example projects pagination scraper

Prepare a solution that will scrape all products from the website. It will start on the website, grab all menu categories, go through all of them and through all pagination and from there take all URLs for item details.

  • Earn

  • Complexity

    easy (1–2 hours)

API integration with database upload

We use for weather forecasts and for exchange rates which we need to insert hourly to our information system. Right now we have an assistant who is doing this manually and we would like to automate this.

  • Earn

  • Complexity

    medium (2–4 hours)

Automation of downloading of daily reports

We need to set up automation for our internal reservation system, so we don't have to manually download a CSV every day and upload it to Dropbox.

  • Earn

  • Complexity

    hard (4–8 hours)

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