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Hi there! 馃憢 I'm Ragu

  • 馃尡 I'm currently learning and working with Python, C, HTML, CSS, JS, and Java. I also have a basic understanding of Node.js.
  • 馃捈 I work as a web scraping and web automation specialist.
  • 馃摑 Check out my Medium account:
  • 馃殌 I'm experienced in:
    • Languages: Python, C, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Node.js
    • Frameworks: Django, Spring Boot
    • Tools: Selenium, Scrapy, Puppeteer (Node.js)
    • Other Skills: Developing and deploying projects, Django REST API, Telegram Bots, Chrome Extension, Embedded C programming for Arduino, Python packages.

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馃 Web Scraping and Automation

I specialize in web scraping using tools like Selenium, Scrapy, and Puppeteer in Node.js. Let's automate the web together!

馃 Let's Connect!

Feel free to explore my repositories and provide feedback. Let's code and learn together! 馃殌

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