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Twitter Scraper

Scrape Twitter followers, and extract tweets, retweets, replies, favorites, and conversation threads, with no Twitter API limits. This tweet scraper makes Twitter data scraping super easy. You don’t need to know Python or JavaScript. Simply tell Twitter Scraper what data you want to extract, and the tweet scraper will do the rest.

1Elon Musk25984RT @SpaceX: Falcon 9 launches the Nilesat 301 communications satellite to a geosynchronous transfer orbit from Florida https://t.co/HidKNqR…16552692elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15346854747315896322022-06-08T23:55:04.000Z
2Elon Musk47260@WholeMarsBlog My diabolical plan is coming together!28662675elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15345969162976174102022-06-08T18:03:10.000Z
3Elon Musk9392@historydefined If little red riding hood was on psychedelics, this whole story makes a ton of sense1123561elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15344602112593551362022-06-08T08:59:57.000Z
4Elon Musk3444@jeremychrysler @Tesla We will look into this & adjust. In general, I’d recommend against using recirc, as the range advantage is small.336206elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15343633233487052832022-06-08T02:34:58.000Z
5Elon Musk38759@historydefined Seems odd that anyone would mistake a talking wolf for their grandmother. What sort of octave range does that wolf have anyway!?34841975elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15343603715946741782022-06-08T02:23:14.000Z
6Elon Musk33556@TrungTPhan 👀1340946elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15343067274028195862022-06-07T22:50:04.000Z
7Elon Musk39915@Rainmaker1973 I think I saw these in Elden Ring13501297elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15342674950323609602022-06-07T20:14:10.000Z
8Elon Musk5552@EvaFoxU True haha259226elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15342096611250749442022-06-07T16:24:22.000Z
9Elon Musk600061https://t.co/2ELe1W5ZXC1746445430elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15341983025891287042022-06-07T15:39:14.000Z
10Elon Musk21332@dogeofficialceo 🤣603437elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15341981811262382082022-06-07T15:38:45.000Z
11Elon Musk25123@OwenSparks_ Yeah, exactly. Also, other companies are using the Tesla name for solar and Powerwall. Will put a stop to that.1281955elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15341977854607400982022-06-07T15:37:10.000Z
12Elon Musk581965YouTube seems to be nonstop scam ads5328245749elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15341966119783833612022-06-07T15:32:30.000Z
13Elon Musk8362@teslaownersSV @PPathole It looks like the future1216453elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15341862406725509132022-06-07T14:51:18.000Z
14Elon Musk4326@PPathole cgi irl325169elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15341861709590732812022-06-07T14:51:01.000Z
15Elon Musk94168@PPathole It will be our best product ever imo69353448elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15339920882069217282022-06-07T01:59:48.000Z
16Elon Musk141120What resolution is life in, 8k? – SJM160747821elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15338576985753108482022-06-06T17:05:47.000Z
17Elon Musk40837@realMeetKevin Correct18051912elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15338392709762048012022-06-06T15:52:34.000Z
18Elon Musk12189@realchrisrufo @Liv_Boeree There are still some great journalists at WaPo, but the trend is super bad713961elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15338344166564864012022-06-06T15:33:16.000Z
19Elon Musk2987@corkyjames @realchrisrufo 🤣166145elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15338341906003476482022-06-06T15:32:22.000Z
20Elon Musk68409@BBC_Future Most people still think China has a one-child policy. China had its lowest birthdate ever last year, despite having a three-child policy! At current birth rates, China will lose ~40% of people every generation! Population collapse.82827436elonmuskhttps://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/15337986719841198082022-06-06T13:11:14.000Z

How does Twitter Scraper work?

Twitter Scraper is an unofficial Twitter API without limits. You don’t need a Twitter account, a registered app, or a Twitter API key. The web scraper gives you access to the more than 500 million tweets posted every day.

Web scraping inputYou set some of these
Twitter usernames Twitter search terms Twitter urls
Web scraping outputYou get all of these
tweet text author's name likes count reply count retweet count url mentionsand more...

How much does Twitter Scraper cost?

Expected number of tweets per month


Estimated monthly cost$5 *Recommended planpersonal

* Final price might vary based on your platform usage. Learn more

Want more specialized Twitter scrapers?

If you want a Twitter scraper for more targeted data scraping tasks, such as scraping Twitter statistics, Twitter handles, or Twitter accounts, we have a bunch of specialized web scrapers to make extracting data from Twitter even faster and easier. Take your pick:

Twitter URL Scraper

Just go straight for the URL! If you know exactly what you want to scrape, use this streamlined scraper to extract data based on any Twitter URL.

Easy Twitter Search Scraper

Make life easy for yourself. This scraper makes it super-easy to scrape Twitter for any keyword, and extract public information from the Twitter platform.

Twitter Image Scraper

Twitter is packed with images. Memes, infographics, charts, cartoons, photos, GIFs, and everything in between. You can download all these Twitter images with this powerful Twitter media scraping tool.

Twitter History Scraper

Look into the past! Just enter a keyword and you can extract tweets based on a date range. Great for tracking trends, changing opinions, and making sense of the big picture of Twitter data.

Why scrape Twitter?

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Sentiment analysis

Track discussions about your brand, products, country, or city. Monitor your competitors and see how popular they are and how you can get a competitive edge. Track sentiment to make sure your investments are protected.

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Tracking trends

Track Twitter trends and keep an eye on new attitudes and fashions as they emerge. Analyze hashtags to track consumer habits and develop new products or target underdeveloped niches.

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Academic research

Use Twitter data for word analysis or training AI models. Analyze tweets to research and identify fake news by understanding the pattern of how misinformation spreads.

Lead generation

As many as 94% of people plan to buy something from businesses they follow on Twitter. Collecting Twitter data will give you a ton of insights that will help you find new leads and customers.

Frequently asked questions

Does Twitter allow scraping?

Scraping Twitter is permitted by law, but it’s still important to watch out that the data you accumulate while scraping is not protected by copyright or personal data regulations. You can scrape Twitter data that has been made publicly available for information and research, but you are not allowed to publish another’s intellectual property without permission or to extract private information.

What is a Twitter scraper?

A Twitter web scraper is a specialized tool designed to quickly and accurately extract data from the Twitter website. It automates anything you can do manually, making Twitter data scraping fast and efficient. With a Twitter scraper, you can extract Twitter data such as comments, hashtags, handles, user IDs, business accounts, and statistics. A Twitter scraper allows you to download the collected data in a structured and machine-readable format for analysis and research.

How do I scrape old Twitter data?

You can scrape old Twitter data by using Twitter History Scraper or Twitter Hashtag History Scraper. These Twitter scrapers are designed to extract publicly available data published over a specific period of time. Both of these Twitter web scrapers are Apify products that are free to use.

Can you scrape Twitter without an API?

You can scrape Twitter without an API by using an unofficial API such as Twitter Scraper or any of the more specialized Twitter scrapers in Apify Store. While the Twitter API is great for developers, Twitter scrapers allow you to do more with Twitter than the API allows, and they are the easiest option for non-developers. Scraping Twitter with specialized web scrapers will enable you to scrape Twitter without rate limits and an API account, registered app, or API key.

How do you scrape Twitter without coding?

You don’t need coding skills to scrape Twitter if you’re using ready-made no-code Twitter scrapers from Apify Store. To scrape Twitter without coding, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Apify Store, select your Twitter scraper, and click ‘Try for free’.
  2. Insert the URL or Twitter handle you want to scrape in the input field.
  3. Begin data collection by clicking ‘Start’.
  4. Download your Twitter data in your preferred format.

How can I extract all tweets?

You can extract all tweets from a geographical location within a specified time range by using a web scraping library such as Tweepy (for Python), which gives you access to the Twitter API, or Apify (for JavaScript), which is an unofficial API that has fewer limitations. You can also use the Apify API client for Python to access the Apify API from your Python applications. Apify Store includes very specialized Twitter scrapers that allow you to scrape all tweets and other Twitter data published over a specific period of time.

How do I scrape tweets with keywords?

You can scrape tweets with keywords using Easy Twitter Search Scraper. This web scraping tool allows you to scrape Twitter for any keyword and extract public information, including usernames, profile photos, followers count, tweets, and hashtags. To scrape tweets with keywords using Easy Twitter Search Scraper, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Easy Twitter Search Scraper in Apify Store and click on ‘Try for free’.
  2. Insert the keywords you want to scrape in the input field.
  3. Begin data collection by clicking ‘Start’.
  4. Download your data in your preferred format.

How do you scrape followers on Twitter?

You can scrape followers on Twitter using Twitter People Scraper. This web scraping tool allows you to scrape followers on Twitter by inserting a keyword that you would type into the Twitter search bar into the scraper’s input field and extract the results you would view in the People tab. To scrape followers on Twitter using Twitter People Scraper, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Twitter People Scraper in Apify Store and click on ‘Try for free’.
  2. Insert the keywords you want to scrape in the input field.
  3. Begin data collection by clicking ‘Start’.
  4. Download your data in your preferred format.

You can download scraped Twitter data using Twitter Scraper:

  1. Go to Twitter Scraper in Apify Store and click on ‘Try for free’.
  2. Insert the keywords you want to scrape in the input field.
  3. Begin data collection by clicking ‘Start’.
  4. Download your dataset from Twitter in your preferred format.

How does Python analyze Twitter data?

The Python web scraping library, Tweepy, gives you access to the Twitter API to enable you to analyze the sentiment of Tweets from Twitter data. You can also analyze Twitter data using the Apify API (for JavaScript) from your Python applications by using the Apify API client for Python.

How do you analyze Twitter data?

You can analyze Twitter data by scraping and downloading data from Twitter using Twitter Scraper and then use a Twitter analytics tool, such as FollowersAnalysis, to analyze the Twitter data you’ve collected.