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YouTube crawler and video scraper. Alternative YouTube API with no limits or quotas. Extract and download channel name, likes, number of views, and number of subscribers.

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It didn't gave me the result I was looking for.


thebeanyeah opened this issue
12 days ago

I just used this scrapping tool. I wanted result of 2500 most it could give me was 396 and most of them were duplicates so after filter it was about 204 unique channels.

My search criteria was

Keyword: podcast most viewed max result 2500 published within a month

I ran this 2 times one time it gave me 395 and 396 the other.

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Hi, thanks for the issue! Unfortunately, Youtube itself limits the number of results it shows from search. You can check it manually by scrolling down the search page and after a minute it's going to stop. I've checked your run and found no duplicate videos, but I see you want to search channels - not videos. I'll create an internal ticket for adding search by channels and notify when it's done

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