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Detecio is software that continuously monitors the web and helps content publishers reduce losses by automatically removing unauthorized copies. Detecio protects thousands of books and other audiovisual content in Czechia by monitoring the Internet for any unlicensed work.

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Detecio has a state-of-the-art algorithm that analyses data all over the Internet and identifies copies with protected content. If the system detects unlicensed use of copyrighted data, it automatically starts the process that will lead to the removal of the infringing files. Its intuitive interface is similar to that of an antivirus program. Publishers can easily import data about their content and then start scanning the web for illegal copies. The user has the ability to initiate the removal of the unlicensed copyrighted material at the touch of a button.

All the processes that manage the updating, starting and stopping of the /actors (so-called Actors) are placed in internal systems are connected to the Apify computing platform. Detecio's internal system checks for infringing content on servers by preparing the relevant settings’ request. Via the open API, it updates the settings of a specific Actor in the pool and then runs it. In other words, Detecio prepares a specific job with a particular set of parameters, then delegates it to an Actor on the Apify platform. Thanks to Apify's prolific API documentation, Detecio is able to smoothly interconnect the two systems.

Detecio uses various technologies and Apify is amongst the most important and reliable for us. The biggest advantage is the stability of the Apify platform and well-documented interface that allows easy integration with our internal systems.

Daniel Řezníček

Detecio co-founder

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