London Fashion Aggregator

Case study

The KNOMI app gives its over 10,000 users a clear map of where to find more than 70 luxury fashion boutiques across London, along with tools for discovering designers and trend-setting users, trending products, featured users and designers and a comprehensive product catalogue. This constantly updated catalogue is powered by over 50 crawlers made to order for KNOMI by Apify.

KNOMI mobile application

Sometimes Apify crawlers have to operate under the radar, and we use an extensive proxy switching system to help avoid detection. But the interesting thing about how our crawlers work for KNOMI is that the e-shops crawled are completely on board with the process, as they want potential customers to find them via the KNOMI app. The partner e-shops can avoid the headache of constantly having to format and export product information, as Apify invisibly and regularly pulls live data from their existing websites.

When the Apify Team was creating the crawlers, we defined a common output schema and set up a unique crawler for almost every e-shop to get their products to fit into the common structure and display cleanly on the KNOMI app.

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Apify has been a great tool for us. It is easy to use, clear and transparent. With Apify, our data extraction through crawling has been speeded up by an order of magnitude. The customer service is great, too.

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Markus Ehrnrooth

KNOMI founder