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Case study

In one of our earliest and most extensive projects in the world of real estate, Apify worked with a Czech real estate aggregator to scrape listings from the 23 largest Czech websites offering properties for sale and rent. Apify crawls these websites every few minutes and downloads millions of pages every month so that live listings can be displayed in a user-friendly way.

Real estate web application

Two crawlers are scheduled for each property listing website. One runs every 10 minutes and scrapes just new properties, the other runs every two days to scrape all listings and keep the entire database up-to-date.

Depending on how many properties are listed, this full crawl can take several hours to complete.

All the data extraction and validation run on the /actors and it took just a couple of weeks for Apify to create the crawlers used. The crawlers are maintained by Apify as a service and the entire system can easily scale with new property websites or extra countries.

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The company has a significant technological advantage compared to other aggregators: thanks to Apify, we list properties on our portal 10–20 minutes after they appear on the source website. We have also been able to significantly speed up the detection of inactive listings. The company provides structured and geolocation-based search even if the crawled websites do not support such advanced search features.

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