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Apify is a strong believer in equality for women in the workplace. It can be especially difficult for women who have children to find part-time jobs when they want to return to the workplace. Launched in June 2017, Mavimi is an organization that connects women on maternity leave with companies struggling to find suitably qualified employees.

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Originally run for free, Mavimi has been such a success that they had to start charging for their service - and the Apify platform is an integral part of the system, especially our new product, the powerful and versatile /actors. In the past, Mavimi had to do everything manually, from scouring job listings to filling out forms. With Apify actors, all that happens automatically, leaving them to focus on some of the more human aspects of the project.

Mavimi team

Mavimi is dedicated to increasing transparency in the part-time labor market and making it possible for mothers to work more flexibly whenever possible, all through a straightforward and user-friendly web interface. The aim is to put power back in the hands of the women looking for jobs, so that they can choose how and when they work.

Mavimi's goal is to become a leader on the part-time jobs market. At the time of writing, Mavimi has helped connect almost 20,000 mothers with over 800 employers across more than 86 cities.

Mavimi app

Apify seeks out new part-time jobs in the Prague area, which can produce interesting leads for Mavimi. Whenever we finish running this regular scraper, we send the results via email to Mavimi, so that they can process them right away.

Because use of Mavimi is completely free for mothers, Apify made sure to give them a great deal on their monthly scraping needs!

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