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Bootstrap CheerioCrawler

Skeleton project that helps you quickly bootstrap `CheerioCrawler` in JavaScript. It's best for developers who already know Apify SDK and Crawlee.







Use cases

Web scraping

import { Actor } from 'apify';
import { CheerioCrawler } from 'crawlee';
// this is ESM project, and as such, it requires you to specify extensions in your relative imports
// read more about this here:
import { router } from './routes.js';

await Actor.init();

const proxyConfiguration = await Actor.createProxyConfiguration();

const crawler = new CheerioCrawler({
    requestHandler: router,


await Actor.exit();

Bootstrap CheerioCrawler template

This is a project skeleton to help you bootstrap CheerioCrawler web scraping projects in JavaScript faster. It will always use the most up-to-date configuration and include all the common files. It's made for developers already familiar with Apify SDK and Crawlee libraries.

If you're looking for examples or want to learn how to use Apify, Apify SDK, or Crawlee, check out the other templates.


A short guide on how to create Actors using code templates: web scraper template

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