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Keyword Finder : Keyword Research Scrapper, Get search volumes Keyword Ranking Difficulty, Long Tail Keyword Suggestion and SERP metrics from popular SEO Service Websites .

What is Keyword Finder ?

Keyword Finder Scraper allows you to extract public data from multiple websites to obtain keyword research data and valuable SEO metrics.

Keyword Finder Scrap these websites:

  • SpyFu

  • Google

  • Youtube

Why Using Keyword Finder?

Keyword finder scraper is like treasure maps for SEO campaigns, guiding you to valuable data that unlocks higher rankings and targeted traffic. But what exactly makes it so beneficial?

Unearthing the Perfect Keywords:

  • Research Target Keywords: Identify the core keywords that best represent your brand and target audience.

  • Discover Long-Tail Keywords: Unearth highly relevant long-tail keywords with lower competition, increasing your chances of ranking well.

Metrics to Make Data-Driven Decisions:

Beyond keyword suggestions, keyword finder provide a wealth of insights to fuel your SEO efforts. These metrics include:

  • Search Volume: Understand how often a particular keyword is searched for to gauge its potential impact.

  • Google Ranking Difficulty: Estimate the level of competition for a keyword, helping you prioritize your efforts.

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Gain insights into potential advertising costs associated with specific keywords.

  • Related Questions: Discover the questions people ask about your target topics, allowing you to craft content that directly addresses their needs.

  • SERP Analysis: Analyze the current top-ranking pages for your target keywords to understand what kind of content resonates with search engines.

The Benefits for Different Players:

  • Marketers: Leverage keyword data to tailor campaigns and messaging to reach the right audience at the right time.

  • SEO Specialists: Optimize website content and structure for targeted keywords, improving organic search visibility.

  • Content Creators: Craft content directly addressing user intent based on keyword research, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

With this tool, you can optimize your website content to rank higher on Google and drive free traffic.

How to Use Keyword Finder

There are 3 Tools available to use within Keyword Finder Tool:

  1. Keyword Research Tool.
  2. SERP Analysis Tool.
  3. Google Question Explorer Tool

Keyword Research Tool : Find search volume, keyword difficulty and more for any keyword . SERP Analysis Tool Best Free Tool to analyse Search Engine Results Page with all the metrics you need like organic and paid search volume, cost per click and so much more. Google Question Explorer Tool : Fined Question asked on google by users. this tool help you collect long tail keywords and understand what users are looking for.

It's easy super easy Find the seed keyword.

  1. Enter The Country you want to target.

  2. Select The Tool You want to use.

  3. Enter the keywords or search terms you want to research.

  4. Click on Run.

  5. When Scraper has finished its run, you can preview or download your data from the Dataset tab.

input / Result Example.

Keyword Research Tool input example Example : enter image description here

3"country":  "US",
5"keyword":  "Email Marketing",
7"tool":  "KeywordResearch"

Keyword Research Tool Output Example : enter image description here

2  {
3    "SearchVolume": 21100,
4    "GlobalSearchVolume": 90500,
5    "KeywordDifficulty": 51,
6    "TotalMonthlyClicks": 11900,
7    "PercentMobileSearches": "18.05%",
8    "PercentDesktopSearches": "81.95%",
9    "PercentSearchesNotClicked": "43.80%",
10    "PercentPaidClicks": "19.80%",
11    "percentOrganicClicks": "80.20%",
12    "CPC : CostPerClick": 28.81,
13    "PaidCompetitors": 16,
14    "RankingHomepages": 3
15  }

SERP Analysis Tool Input Example : enter image description here

SERP Analysis Tool Output Example: enter image description here

How much will it cost to use Keyword Finder ?

You can get over 1000 results for less than US$3 for a month using Keyword Finder Scraper. Apify gives you with $5 free usage credits every month on the Apify Free plan. So, you can get thousands of product results from Keyword Finder completely free!


"This tool is currently in beta version. More features will be added later."

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