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Designed for both personal and professional use, simply enter your desired job title or keyword to receive a tailored list of job opportunities and how much much money you'll get for them. Try it today!

Upwork Job Listings Scraper


Are you tired of manually searching for freelance gigs on Upwork? Introducing the Upwork Job Listings Scraper, your automated solution to find freelance opportunities tailored to your skills and preferences. Whether you're a developer, designer, writer, or consultant, our tool helps you filter and find jobs that match your expertise and expected pay range.

Perfect for freelancers who need to efficiently monitor new postings and for companies looking for specific talents on Upwork, this scraper simplifies your search and saves you valuable time.


  • Customizable Searches: Enter specific keywords, categories, budget ranges, and other criteria to tailor your job search.
  • Regular Updates: Set the scraper to run at defined intervals—daily, weekly, or monthly—to always have the latest job listings at your fingertips.
  • Comprehensive Data Extraction: Pulls detailed job information including title, description, client reviews, budget, and required skills.

Use Cases

  • Product Research Ideas: Understand what services are in demand and how much clients are willing to pay, helping you brainstorm and validate new freelance service offerings.
  • Monitor Jobs as a Freelancer: Stay updated with the latest job postings that match your skill set without the need for constant manual searching, allowing more time for actual work.
  • Market Analysis: Aggregate and analyze job data to gauge market trends, demand for specific skills, and typical project budgets, providing valuable insights for strategic planning.

How to Use

Getting started with the Upwork Job Listings Scraper is easy:

  1. Set Your Parameters: Input your search query and other relevant filters.
  2. Schedule Your Scraper: Choose how often you want the scraper to run.
  3. Start Scraping: Launch the scraper and let it gather the job listings for you.

Output Format

After each run, the scraper generates a dataset of Upwork jobs, available in various formats such as JSON, CSV, or HTML. Here's what you can expect in your dataset:

  • Job Title
  • Description
  • Client Rating and History
  • Proposed Budget
  • Skills Required

Unlock Your Freelancing Potential

Save time and target your job search more effectively with our Upwork Job Listings Scraper. Try it out today and streamline your freelance job hunting like never before!

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