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Algolia Website Indexer


The Indexer crawls recursively a website using the Puppeteer browser (headless Chrome) and indexes the selected pages to the Algolia index.

Algolia Website Indexer

The Indexer crawls a website using the Puppeteer browser (headless Chrome) and indexes the selected pages to the Algolia index. It was designed to run in an Apify actor.


You can find instructions on how to run it in the Apify cloud on its Apify Store page. If you want to run it in your environment, you can use the Apify CLI.


The input of the actor is JSON with the following parameters.

Field Type Description
algoliaAppId String Your Algolia Application ID
algoliaApiKey String Your Algolia API key
algoliaIndexName String Your Algolia index name
crawlerName String Crawler name, it updates/removes/adds pages into the index regarding this name. In this case, you can have more websites in the index.
startUrls Array URLs where crawler starts crawling
selectors Array Selectors, which text content you want to index. Key is name of the attribute and value is the CSS selector.
waitForElement String Selector of an element to wait on each page.
additionalPageAttrs Object Additional attributes you want to attach to each record in the index.
skipIndexUpdate Boolean Option to switch off updating the Algolia index.


There are a few parameters not shown in the UI. These parameters change the behaviour of crawling, and you can set them up using the API or in the local environment.

Field Type Description
pageFunction String Overrides default pageFunction
pseudoUrls Array Overrides default pseudoUrls
clickableElements String Overrides default clickableElements
keepUrlFragment Boolean Option to switch on enqueueing URL with URL fragments
omitSearchParamsFromUrl Boolean Option to switch off enqueueing with search params.

Debug indexed pages

You can find all the pages that will be indexed in the default dataset for a specific actor run.

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