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Extract data from hundreds of Facebook posts from one or multiple Facebook pages and profiles. Get post URL, post text, page or profile URL, timestamp, number of likes, shares, comments, and more. Download the data in JSON, CSV, and Excel and use it in apps, spreadsheets, and reports.

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Facebook post scraper only missed 3 posts.


potent_hierarchy opened this issue
16 days ago

I have scraped 1 fb page for 1 months. It returned 51 results instead of 54. Is there any ways to improve scraping quality, or do some quality check?

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Hi! Thanks for feedback

For 1 of May page show posts https://www.facebook.com/Gvirila2022/posts/pfbid033vke9iLLiZSsqQfCvzYR1Z78BfGjpF1VGfMjFbCunJkTUN7QUwdvgXP8xsDMhAwDl and https://www.facebook.com/Gvirila2022/posts/pfbid02qDNEtY1ACuftwJ1z4ELyqyVedUjyAuo4MDjJUmtcd3qLCZLY9XEEB8ZVVrMuoJFkl

and actor not getting second post

From checkup by re-run https://console.apify.com/view/runs/TQpxga2MzEH25fxvO getting "time": "2024-04-30T19:53:05.000Z" so probably post creation time parsed instead of publication time

For right now please add 1 more day for scraped date range to ensure that you getting all the posts. Can you please provide URLs of other 3 missed posts? Currently found only single case of missing post above.

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Hi! Thanks for details, for all 3 reported posts all 3 published for limited audience and therefore not available without Facebook login. To quick check open post URL(s) in incognito browser, you will see

1This content isn't available at the moment
2When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people or changed who can see it, or it's been deleted.
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