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Instagram Hashtag Stats

Instagram Hashtag Stats

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Scrape Instagram hashtags statistics the fast and easy way. Just add one or more hashtags and the scraper will extract number of posts for give hashtag, top posts and latest posts.

This changelog summarizes all changes of the Instagram actors provided by the Apify organization. The specific actors that are affected are listed for each change.





  • Added enhanceUserSearchWithFacebookPage that enables enhancing user search with Facebook data that sometimes contains business emails. Facebook data are added under facebookPage output field.
  • All search types are now enhanced with up to 200 extra search results from Google Search. This means:
    • Hashtag (top 50 results via Instagram + up to 200 from Google Search)
    • User (top 10 results via Facebook ads + up to 200 from Google Search)
    • Location (up to 200 from Google Search)



  • Partially fixed search again after the previous solution stopped working
    • Hashtag - fully restored
    • User - 14 max results via Facebook Ads
    • Location - found via Google Search



  • Fixed search after Instagram changed endpoints



  • Monorepo to get rid of internal actor metamorph and delay caused by it.



  • Search for hashtags and places was shortly not working for some inputs due to internal bug in the last day. It is fixed now.

Older changes were removed from the changelog as we changed reporting the format.

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