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Scrape all Instagram profile info. Just add one or more Instagram usernames and extract number of followers&follows, URLs, bio, posts, likes, counts, related profiles, captions, highlight reels. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

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jfdb opened this issue
2 months ago

Sometimes there are more than one link, so for complete scraping, extract all As you can see in that profile it says {link}+1

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Hey, thank you for reaching out! Our team will look into this and well keep you in the loop on our progress.

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a month ago

Hello, I'm use actor for my gpts, but my "starting actions"after IG PROFILE SCRABE integrating to gpts and after puting Confirm is going on too long time and even works. why it can be? thnku

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24 days ago

please add a documentation using Laravel

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Hello, can you please elaborate on your questions? Your current use case is quite unclear to us. Thank you!

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17 days ago

The run input for this actor on providing a iterative loop of usernames seems to malfunction with the error: ApifyApiError: Input is not valid: Field input.usernames is required. I have checked every bit of my code still the same error while other actors are actively working and are fine.

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Follow up:

  • coauthors scraped now, so original issue should be considered done
  • integration with chat gpt actor from php-laravel or other environment is related to other actor, please add issue there or ask in discord
  • likewise "input.usernames is required" is not directly related to actor, its running actor by API and if input somehow lost in API call please check API docs or ask in discord

I´m going to close the issue now, but if there would be anything else we could help with, please let us know.

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