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Crawls arbitrary websites using the Chrome browser and extracts data from pages using a provided JavaScript code. The actor supports both recursive crawling and lists of URLs and automatically manages concurrency for maximum performance. This is Apify's basic tool for web crawling and scraping.

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Crawler only goes for 3 pages and stops


demonstrative_space opened this issue
2 months ago

I'm using Web Scraper When I run it, Crawler only goes for 3 pages and stops. Also why each time I'm running it, it tries to Scrap the same URLs, should't they be excluded since they already Scraped?

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Hello and thank you for your interest in this Actor!

The Actor only crawls 3 webpages because you tell it to only enqueue links that start with https://kubernetes.io/docs/home/ (by setting the glob option to https://kubernetes.io/docs/home/**). Now check out the webpage - the links in there lead to https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/..., https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/... etc. If you want to crawl these links as well, set the glob to something like https://kubernetes.io/docs/**.

Regarding your second question - every Actor Run is separate and stateless (at least in the case of Web Scraper). We believe that this is the way to go - because you don't know if a page hasn't changed... until you scrape it and see the content.

I'll close this issue now, but feel free to ask any additional questions. Cheers!

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