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Image To Json Extractor

Image To Json Extractor

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AI-Powered Image to JSON Data Extractor. Utilize cutting-edge AI to transform image content into structured JSON data effortlessly. Perfect for automating data extraction from visual content and streamlining workflows.

Image Source Type


The type of source provided in the image (e.g., invoice, receipt, website screenshot). This helps tailor the extraction process to the content.

Default value of this property is "Invoice"

Source Text Language


The three-letter ISO 639-3 language code of the source (e.g., ENG for English). This ensures accurate text recognition and extraction.

Default value of this property is "ENG"

Extraction Data Schema


Defines the schema for data extraction. Include at least one data structure to specify the format of the extracted JSON. Use the provided web tool for schema creation: Schema Generator

Default value of this property is [{"Name":"customer","Description":"Information about the customer","Fields":[{"Name":"customer_name","Description":"Name of the customer"},{"Name":"customer_address","Description":"Address of the customer"}]},{"Name":"invoice_item","Description":"Details of each item in the invoice","Fields":[{"Name":"item_description","Description":"Description of the item"},{"Name":"item_quantity","Description":"Quantity of the item"},{"Name":"item_price","Description":"Price of the item"}]},{"Name":"invoice_summary","Description":"Summary of the invoice","Fields":[{"Name":"total_amount","Description":"Total amount of the invoice"},{"Name":"due_date","Description":"Due date of the invoice"}]}]

Image URL


The URL of the source image to be processed. Ensure the URL is publicly accessible for extraction.

Default value of this property is ""

OpenAI Service API Key


Your API key for accessing OpenAI's services, which power the underlying extraction and conversion process.

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