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No limits. Get details and reviews for a specific app, search by keyword or developer, retrieve top rankings, assess permissions and more!

πŸ›‘ Breaking change from V3.0: Application ID, Developer ID and Keywords are now ARRAY parameters! maxPages parameter renamed to maxReviews.


  • List Collection

    Limited to the Maximum results input (up to 200).

  • Search by Keyword

    Limited to the Maximum results input (up to 200).

    Supports Bulk.

  • Get Reviews

    This process only works with Application IDs.

    This process has two different methods:

    1. Above 500 reviews: The User URL and App Version are currently not available in the review. No sorting.

    2. 500 reviews or less: All fields are populated (when available). Sorting applied.

    Supports Bulk.

  • Search by AppId

    Supports Bulk.

  • Search by Developer

    Supports Bulk.

  • Get Privacy Data

    Supports Bulk.

How it works

  1. Select a process to run (e.g., Search by AppId).

  2. Fill out the relevant parameters (e.g., AppId).

  3. Run it! πŸŽ‰


You MUST use a high-quality proxy (custom, residential) to fetch a large number of reviews. Increase memory as well.

While Bulk mode is available for process "Get Reviews", setting unrealistic maximums will likely fail.

Open a new issue or contact support. You need to share the run URL!


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