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scrape by developer name


disarming_equality opened this issue
5 months ago

hi, I tested using a developer name for a search, but didn't get results. please help to fix

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It works fine on our end:

1 - The logs show you've selected the wrong process. You want to search with a Developer input, select the process "Search by Developer".

2 - The exact name must also be used. In your case, that's "BlaBlaCar".

3 - We recommend using a proxy.

We simplified the log error messages.

[ { "title": "BlaBlaCar: Carpooling and Bus", "appId": "com.comuto", "url": "", "icon": "", "developer": "BlaBlaCar", "currency": "USD", "price": 0, "free": true, "summary": "BlaBlaCar: Carpooling and Bus - your pick of rides at low prices! The choice is yours with thousands of rides and destinations on BlaBlaCar. Ride with someone going your way and save on your travel costs. You will find rides at your doorstep thanks to many different options of carpooling and bus carriers.

Driving somewhere?
Share your ride and start saving on travel costs!
• Publish your next ride in just minutes: it’s easy and fast
• Decide who goes with you: review passengers’ profiles and ratings to know who you’re travelling with.
• Enjoy the ride: that’s how easy it is to start saving on travel costs!

Want to go somewhere?
Book, meet and travel at low prices no matter where you’re going.
• Search for a ride among thousands of destinations.
• Find the ride closest to you: there’s maybe one leaving from just around the corner.
• Book a seat instantly or request a seat: it’s simple!
• Get closer to where you want to go, thanks to thousands of carpool options.

BlaBlaCar buses
Book your next bus ride and travel at low prices.
• Choose among a wide choice of destinations.
• Bag a bargain with bus tickets from just €X.XX for trips in France or in Germany.
• Book your bus ticket easily and enjoy the ride.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
TELL US WHAT YOU THINK:", "scoreText": "4.2", "score": 4.166189 } ]

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