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驴OCR not finding all the places?


meticulous_yapok opened this issue
24 days ago

Hello, i've donde multiple runs in a small area in order to find all the food related business. I've found that some places are hidden to OCR even with a 21 zoom. Is there any way to access this places (i don't care if the run takes longer or if it is more costly). Thanks in advance, Arnau

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Hi, could you send us the places that the actor missed? We're currently testing a new version with improved search capabilities. We can test whether the new version finds those places.

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22 days ago

The problem is that some places only appear on the map if you introduce a search term like "restaurant"

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Hi, sorry for late reply. Take a look at this run. It found 23 places including the one you provided. I used your list of categories and the following search terms:

1"searchStringsArray": [
2    "restaurant",
3    "store",
4    "shop",
5    "bar",
6    "hotel",
7    "cafe",
8    "store",
9    "pub",
10    "market"
11  ],

If I still missed some places, we can adjust the search terms. Let me know.

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