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Restaurant online order and reservation links are getting mixed up


buddy_props opened this issue
24 days ago


I ran a test and discovered that the online order links and reservation links for Restaurants are getting mixed up or not captured in some instances. Below are some examples:

Example 1: In this Google URL for White Oak Tavern they have 5 online order links and 2 links for reservations.

The scraper correctly captured the five online order links in the orderby object, but captured only a google hosted page for one of the reservation options (resy). However, there are actually two links, available, one for and the other that goes to the businesses website for reservations. I鈥檓 guessing you are scrapping from the 鈥淩eserve a Table鈥 link instead of from the 鈥淔ind a table鈥 link which offers links to all the reservation options. (see screenshot attached)

Note: many places now have multiple reservation links instead of just one. Maybe a reservation object would solve this instead of just a single reserveTableUrl value?

Example 2: In a related but different scenario, the restaurant 鈥淩OBERT鈥 there is a mix up with the reservation link getting added to the online ordering object.

The OpenTable reservation link is getting added to the orderby object.

I really like this actor, but I need clean reservation and order by links. Thank you for reviewing and your consideration.

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Hi, thanks for the detailed report. We'll try to fix this within 1-2 weeks.

Maintained by Apify
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