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Extract all reviews of Google Maps places using place URLs. Get review text, published date, response from owner, review URL, and reviewer's details. Download scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs or integrate with other tools.

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OrderBy links missing


buddy_props opened this issue
13 days ago


I was evaluating this scraper and was very impressed, however I noticed that the orderBy links were missing some.

For example, in the below place, there is an UberEats order link that your scraper missed. Also, it would be great to differentiate the online order links vs the reservation links as they are on web page vs grouping them together. They're different types of actions.

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Hi, thank you for the report. I checked the place and sometimes Google doesn't provide the orderBy link (see attachments). This might be related to proxies that we use - we'll look into this more.

When the orderBy link is missing, the actor stores reservation links instead - this is clearly a bug and we'll fix that.

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10 days ago

Thanks for your response! I've seen that as well that Google doesn't show the orderBy link for IPs that are not local to the POI being displayed. If you do fix that bug, please let me know!

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