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State Owned Investors

State Owned Investors

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Pay $3,000.00 for 1,000 results

A crawler to extract data on state-owned investors such as Central Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Public Pension Funds.

State Owned Investors 🌎

This robust tool is meticulously designed to harvest comprehensive information on state-owned investors globally. Whether you're a financial analyst, market researcher, or data enthusiast, this scraper is your go-to resource for extracting detailed data on sovereign wealth funds and other state-owned investment entities.

The State Owned Investors Scraper delves deep into each entity, pulling out essential details such as the country of origin, assets under management, and founding year. Additionally, it gathers valuable insights on the type of fund, its mission, and key performance metrics, providing a thorough profile of each investor. This includes governance scores, sustainability ratings, and resilience measures, giving you a full understanding of their strategic outlook and impact.

By leveraging this tool, you can build an extensive database of state-owned investors, complete with their unique attributes and performance indicators. This data is instrumental in understanding market dynamics, investment trends, and the geopolitical landscape of global investments.

Unlock the potential of state-owned investor data with the State Owned Investors Scraper!


  • Scrape detailed information on state-owned investors from various reliable sources.
  • Organize and format investor data into JSON or Excel for easy analysis and storage.
  • Handle large volumes of data to capture a comprehensive list of state-owned investment entities worldwide.


To begin using the scraper, the maxResults parameter must be completed. This parameter controls the maximum number of state-owned investor entries returned by the scraper, allowing you to manage your costs. The pricing of $3 per result reflects the premium nature of this service, catering to a niche user base that can afford to pay for high-quality, detailed investment data. To retrieve all investors that meet your criteria, set maxResults to an arbitrarily large number, such as maxResults=1000000.

⬇️ Input example

2    "maxResults": 100

Or, even more simply, use the UI where all inputs are easily searchable.


The State Owned Investors Scraper searches for all state-owned investors that meet your criteria. If you have set a limited maxResults value, it will prioritize the most significant and impactful investors (AUM). The scraper then visits each entity's profile to extract relevant information, including country of origin, assets under management, and detailed descriptions. Additionally, it retrieves data on governance scores, sustainability ratings, resilience measures, and more.

⬆️ Output example

2    "name": "NBIM",
3    "country": "Norway",
4    "region": "",
5    "founded": 1997,
6    "type": "Sovereign Wealth Fund",
7    "aum_$b": 1634,
8    "description": "Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) is the asset management unit of the Norwegian Central Bank (Norges Bank), on behalf of the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). NBIM invests outside of Norway for attractive returns and within the parameters set by the MoF, in order to safeguard the long-term interests of future generations. Its ethical guidelines shape the fund’s investments across asset classes. There is a growing focus on RE and EM, in a bid to achieve its goal of growing middle-income populations.",
9    "mission": "“Safeguard and build financial wealth for future generations” (Savings Fund)",
10    "alternatives": "2%",
11    "scoreboard": "GSR'23: 88% (9/10 Governance, 8/10 Sustainability, 5/5 Resilience), same as in 2022",
12    "gsr": "88%",
13    "governance": "9/10",
14    "sustainability": "8/10",
15    "resilience": "5/5"

Ending Note

Check out our other crawlers on our profile, Crawlr, for more tools and utilities.

Enjoy our scraper.

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