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Whatsapp scraper ✅ FREE ✅

Whatsapp scraper ✅ FREE ✅

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Scrape whatsapp numbers in bulk and extract complete details including name, email, website, address, description, profile picture, etc

Whatsapp contacts scraper lets you extract details of given whatsap numbers to get name, bio, locations, email, website, address, profile picture url, categories, business hours etc

How to scrape whatsapp numbers

Step 1

Go to input tab of whatsapp scraper

Step 2

Enter the phone numbers you want to scrape, or copy paste list of numbers from your google sheet or csv file in bulk edit mode

Step 3

Run the scraper and wait for QR code

Step 4

It will ask you to scan the QR code when it is ready. To scan the QR code, go to 'Live view' tab. Open your whatsapp app on your phone and go to Whatsapp menu > Linkedin Devices and click on 'Link a device' button and scan the QR code

Step 5

Once QR code is scanned successfully, you can go to 'Log' tab to see the status updates of the scraper as it scrapes the numbers you have passed to it

Step 6

Once it finishes scraping, you can export the scraped data to different format like CSV, JSON, XML, etc.

Sample data

Scrape whatsapp profiles

2  {
3    "businessProfile": {
4      "id": {
5        "server": "c.us",
6        "user": "918976859807",
7        "_serialized": "918976859807@c.us"
8      },
9      "tag": "102921066",
10      "description": "India’s Highest Rated Food Delivery App: 4.7. \nFlat 30% OFF on every order. NO T&C. ZERO Delivery/Packaging Fees. Benefits on all Handpicked Partner Brands like BOX8, MOJO Pizza, Itminaan Biryani & more.",
11      "categories": [
12        {
13          "id": "273819889375819",
14          "localized_display_name": "Restaurant"
15        }
16      ],
17      "profileOptions": {
18        "commerceExperience": "none",
19        "cartEnabled": true,
20        "directConnection": false
21      },
22      "email": "hello@eatclub.in",
23      "website": [
24        "https://eatclub.page.link/qrid"
25      ],
26      "businessHours": null,
27      "address": "No 548, 22nd Cross, 14th Main Road, HSR Layout Sector 3, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560102",
28      "fbPage": {},
29      "igProfessional": {},
30      "isProfileLinked": false,
31      "directConnection": {
32        "enabled": false
33      },
34      "coverPhoto": null
35    },
36    "id": {
37      "server": "c.us",
38      "user": "918976859807",
39      "_serialized": "918976859807@c.us"
40    },
41    "number": "918976859807",
42    "isBusiness": true,
43    "type": "in",
44    "isMe": false,
45    "isUser": true,
46    "isGroup": false,
47    "isWAContact": true,
48    "isMyContact": false,
49    "isBlocked": false,
50    "about": "India’s Highest Rated Food Delivery App: 4.7",
51    "profilePicUrl": "https://pps.whatsapp.net/v/t61.24694-24/328134927_579346797408337_6534925906918654566_n.jpg?ccb=11-4&oh=01_AdTENlu80Nd9A9D7bR3Llynpj2Bp0F5mr3yZJ9r_uO1lhA&oe=6511557C&_nc_sid=000000&_nc_cat=108",
52    "givenNumber": "8976859807"
53  }

Use cases

Lead enrichment

If you got a list of phone numbers of businesses and looking to find emails, then you can pass them to whatsapp scraper and get website, email, etc from their whatsapp business profile. If you just get website, you can use it to find email address.

Phone number verification

You can verify whether a number is valid by checking if the number exists on whatsapp. Although this is not a best way to verify, you can use this method to shortlist and prioritise numbers that are active on whatsapp

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