Custom web scraping or RPA solutions

Developing your own web scrapers or web automation robots can take a lot of time and effort. With Apify, you can delegate this job to experts who will deliver a turn-key solution just for you.

Marketplace or Enterprise?
Select the option that suits your needs.

Best suited for

Project management



Speed of delivery


Custom non-disclosure agreement (NDA)


Typical cost


Order an affordable solution from certified external developers

Small or medium-size projects with little support

Direct communication with a certified external developer

14-day guarantee

You'll have 14-day bug protection and the developer will fix any problems for free during this time. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, you'll be refunded the full amount.

On demand

If you need maintenance beyond the guarantee period, simply submit it as a new project.

About 1 week


All your information will be kept confidential, and only shared with a few select NDA-bound professionals who will bid for your project.

Not available

All developers are certified professionals with an NDA with Apify and your project will be kept confidential. However, we don’t offer custom NDAs for Marketplace projects.


Discuss needs or concerns directly with the developer during project development. If any issue arises, we'll help you solve it as quickly as possible. You'll have continued basic support from Apify after the solution is delivered (email and in-app).

Starting at $100


Get an end-to-end solution for any scale from Apify experts

Large-scale projects with full support

A dedicated Apify account manager and Apify experts

Flexible agreement

Discuss your needs with our enterprise team and choose the guarantee that's best for you.

Based on service-level agreement (SLA)

1 — 4 weeks


All your information and projects will be kept strictly confidential, and only shared with the Apify staff involved with the project.

Per customer request

If requested, we’ll sign a custom NDA for your project.


Based on the SLA, you can have weekly calls, a private Slack channel, 1-on-1 sessions, monitoring and maintenance.

Starting at $1,000/month

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