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Facebook Events Lite
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Facebook Events Lite

Facebook Events Lite

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3 days trial then $5.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrap Facebook events fast and easy. This actor is a lightweight version of the Facebook Events actor. It is designed to be fast and efficient, so it can extract numerous events in a short time. It is also less likely to be blocked by Facebook.

Facebook Events Scraper Lite

Scrap all necessary data from Facebook events in no-time. Due to our unique scraping method, we are able to bypass the need for a Facebook account and significantly reduce chance of being blocked.

Ultra fast and super light.

Our Facebook Events Scraper Lite is designed to be as fast and efficient as possible. It can scrape up to 100 events per minute, and is optimized to use as little memory as possible.

It can operate with just 128MB of memory, which is the lowest setting available on the Apify platform thus making it the most cost-effective solution for scraping Facebook events. It also reduces network traffic resulting in another cost saving.


Our Facebook Events Scrapper is available for $10 per month, plus run costs. You can take advantage of a free trial for a few days to assess its suitability for your needs.

If you are already subscribed to an Apify plan, run cost may be included. Refer to apify pricing page for detailed information.

For cost optimization, the scraper can be run on the lowest settings (128MB memory).

Iy you need to scrap smaller number of events checkout pay per result model.

Try our Scrappers:


2    "url": "",
3    "start_date": "",
4    "start_time": "",
5    "end_date": "",
6    "end_time": "",
7    "title": "",
8    "location_text": "",
9    "lat": 0.0,
10    "lng": 0.0,
11    "details": "",
12    "event_host": [""],
13    "related_events": [""]
14  }


We are actively working to increase this efficiency.

Next features:

  • add more details to the output

Do you need it ASAP? Do you need any other feature?

Let us know in issue section!

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