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Youtube Comment Scrapper

Youtube Comment Scrapper

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Pay $1.80 for 1,000 comments

Scrape comments on Youtube Video Pages. Just specify the video page urls to visit and how many comments you would like to collect. We'll get all meaningful information: comment text, author, publication date, number of likes and replies and video+channel url and id

Youtube Comment Scrapper

A simple youtube scrapper that collect comments bellow videos from a list of youtube video URLs. You can specify how many comments you want to collect for each video URL with the "max_comments" parameter

We collect has much information as possible regarding the comment.


What data are collected ?

For the comment
2    "channel_id": "Vogue",
3    "channel_url": "",
4    "video_id": "YmHg5p1rbx8",
5    "video_url": "",
6    "comment_idx": 0,
7    "comment_author_name": "lilyy4329",
8    "comment_author_channel": "",
9    "comment_author_thumbnail": "",
10    "comment_relative_date": "15 hours ago (edited)",
11    "comment_date": "~2023-10-16",
12    "comment_text": "I don鈥檛 understand the hate towards her, if you don鈥檛 like her personality that鈥檚 just mean I mean not everyone should be to your liking. At the end of the day, Kendall really is a sweet woman",
13    "comment_likes": 162,
14    "comment_replies": 6
15  }

Why am I not getting the replies to the comments ?

Currently, only the first level comments are being collected, if you are interested by replies to comment, let us know and we'll adapt the scrapper

Why am I getting fake/empty comments in my list of results ?

Youtube comment scrapping is occasionaly very slow, when this happens, we are loosing money because the CPU cost (that we have to pay to Apify) is larger than the Revenue that we receive from this actor. We are happy to share our scrapper actor with the community but it has to be somehow profitable for us too... In order to not loose money with that kind of runs, we can add fake/empty comments to the results dataset to compensate for the CPU cost that we have to pay. We hope that you understand our position and we guarantee you that this is just a security for us and not a way to make money

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