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AliExpress Price Scraper

AliExpress Price Scraper


AliExpress Price scraper will enable you to extracting prices of the products from

Start URLs


URLs to start with.

Ship To


Country code to be set on the site

Value options:

"af": string"ala": string"al": string"gba": string"dz": string"as": string"ad": string"ao": string"ai": string"ag": string"ar": string"am": string"aw": string"asc": string"au": string"at": string"az": string"bs": string"bh": string"bd": string"bb": string"by": string"be": string"bz": string"bj": string"bm": string"bt": string"bo": string"ba": string"bw": string"br": string"bg": string"bf": string"bi": string"kh": string"cm": string"ca": string"cv": string"bq": string"ky": string"cf": string"td": string"cl": string"cx": string"cc": string"co": string"km": string"zr": string"cg": string"ck": string"cr": string"ci": string"hr": string"cw": string"cy": string"cz": string"dk": string"dj": string"dm": string"do": string"ec": string"eg": string"sv": string"gq": string"er": string"ee": string"et": string"fk": string"fo": string"fj": string"fi": string"fr": string"gf": string"pf": string"ga": string"gm": string"ge": string"de": string"gh": string"gi": string"gr": string"gl": string"gd": string"gp": string"gu": string"gt": string"ggy": string"gn": string"gw": string"gy": string"ht": string"hn": string"hk": string"hu": string"is": string"in": string"id": string"iq": string"ie": string"il": string"it": string"jm": string"jp": string"jey": string"jo": string"kz": string"ke": string"ki": string"kr": string"ks": string"kw": string"kg": string"la": string"lv": string"lb": string"ls": string"lr": string"ly": string"li": string"lt": string"lu": string"mo": string"mk": string"mg": string"mw": string"my": string"mv": string"ml": string"mt": string"mh": string"mq": string"mr": string"mu": string"yt": string"mx": string"fm": string"md": string"mc": string"mn": string"mne": string"ms": string"ma": string"mz": string"mm": string"na": string"nr": string"bn": string"np": string"nl": string"an": string"nc": string"nz": string"ni": string"ne": string"ng": string"nu": string"nf": string"mp": string"no": string"om": string"other": string"pk": string"pw": string"ps": string"pa": string"pg": string"py": string"pe": string"ph": string"pl": string"pt": string"pr": string"qa": string"re": string"ro": string"ru": string"rw": string"blm": string"kn": string"lc": string"maf": string"vc": string"ws": string"sm": string"st": string"sa": string"sn": string"srb": string"sc": string"sl": string"sg": string"sx": string"sk": string"si": string"sb": string"so": string"za": string"sgs": string"ss": string"es": string"lk": string"pm": string"sr": string"sz": string"se": string"ch": string"tw": string"tj": string"tz": string"th": string"tls": string"tg": string"to": string"tt": string"tn": string"tr": string"tm": string"tc": string"tv": string"ug": string"ua": string"ae": string"uk": string"us": string"uy": string"uz": string"vu": string"va": string"ve": string"vn": string"vg": string"vi": string"wf": string"ye": string"zm": string"eaz": string"zw": string

Default value of this property is "us"



Language code to be set on the site

Value options:

"en_US": string"ru_RU": string"pt_BR": string"es_ES": string"fr_FR": string"pl_PL": string"iw_IL": string"it_IT": string"tr_TR": string"de_DE": string"ko_KR": string"ar_MA": string

Default value of this property is "en_US"



Currency code to be set on the site

Value options:

"USD": string"AFN": string"EUR": string"ALL": string"AOA": string"XCD": string"AMD": string"AWG": string"SHP": string"AUD": string"AZN": string"BSD": string"BHD": string"BDT": string"BYR": string"BZD": string"XOF": string"BMD": string"BTN": string"BAM": string"BWP": string"NOK": string"BRL": string"BND": string"BGN": string"BIF": string"KHR": string"XAF": string"CAD": string"CVE": string"KYD": string"CLP": string"KMF": string"CDF": string"NZD": string"CRC": string"CZK": string"DKK": string"DJF": string"DOP": string"EGP": string"SVC": string"ERN": string"XPF": string"NIO": string"NGN": string"OMR": string"PKR": string"PGK": string"PYG": string"PHP": string"PLN": string"QAR": string"RON": string"RUB": string"RWF": string"WST": string"STD": string"SAR": string"RSD": string"SCR": string"SLL": string"SGD": string"SBD": string"SOS": string"ZAR": string"KRW": string"LKR": string"SRD": string"SZL": string"SEK": string"CHF": string"TWD": string"TJS": string"TZS": string"THB": string"TOP": string"TTD": string"TND": string"TRY": string"TMT": string"UGX": string"UAH": string"AED": string"GBP": string"UYU": string"UZS": string"VUV": string"VND": string"YER": string"ZMW": string"ZWL": string"ETB": string"FKP": string"FJD": string"GMD": string"GEL": string"GHS": string"GIP": string"GTQ": string"GNF": string"GYD": string"HTG": string"HNL": string"HKD": string"HUF": string"ISK": string"INR": string"IDR": string"IQD": string"ILS": string"JMD": string"JPY": string"KZT": string"KES": string"KWD": string"KGS": string"LAK": string"LBP": string"LSL": string"LRD": string"LYD": string"MOP": string"MKD": string"MWK": string"MYR": string"MVR": string"MUR": string"MXN": string"MDL": string"MNT": string"MAD": string"MZN": string"MMK": string"NAD": string"NPR": string"ARS": string"PEN": string"DZD": string"JOD": string"BOB": string"COP": string"BBD": string"PAB": string"HRK": string

Default value of this property is "USD"

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler.

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

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