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AliExpress Scraper

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3 days trial then $30.00/month - No credit card required now

Effortlessly extract descriptions, images, feedback, questions, prices, and shipping information from AliExpress. Customize country, language, and region preferences for enhanced data gathering.



URLs for the scraper to start from - these should be category or product detail URLs

Max items


Set the maximum number of items to crawl per run

Search terms


Search terms to use for full-text search in AliExpress page

Search in subcategories


Tells the scraper whether it should also scrape subcategories

Default value of this property is true



Select your language

Value options:

"en_US": string"ru_RU": string"pt_BR": string"es_ES": string"fr_FR": string"pl_PL": string"iw_IL": string"it_IT": string"tr_TR": string"de_DE": string"ko_KR": string"ar_MA": string"ja_JP": string"nl_NL": string"th_TH": string"vi_VN": string"in_ID": string

Default value of this property is "en_US"

Shipping to


Select your country

Value options:

"AF": string"ALA": string"AL": string"GBA": string"DZ": string"AS": string"AD": string"AO": string"AI": string"AG": string"AR": string"AM": string"AW": string"ASC": string"AU": string"AT": string"AZ": string"BS": string"BH": string"BD": string"BB": string"BY": string"BE": string"BZ": string"BJ": string"BM": string"BT": string"BO": string"BA": string"BW": string"BR": string"BG": string"BF": string"BI": string"KH": string"CM": string"CA": string"CV": string"BQ": string"KY": string"CF": string"TD": string"CL": string"CX": string"CC": string"CO": string"KM": string"ZR": string"CG": string"CK": string"CR": string"CI": string"HR": string"CW": string"CY": string"CZ": string"DK": string"DJ": string"DM": string"DO": string"EC": string"EG": string"SV": string"GQ": string"ER": string"EE": string"ET": string"FK": string"FO": string"FJ": string"FI": string"FR": string"GF": string"PF": string"GA": string"GM": string"GE": string"DE": string"GH": string"GI": string"GR": string"GL": string"GD": string"GP": string"GU": string"GT": string"GGY": string"GN": string"GW": string"GY": string"HT": string"HN": string"HK": string"HU": string"IS": string"IN": string"ID": string"IQ": string"IE": string"IL": string"IT": string"JM": string"JP": string"JEY": string"JO": string"KZ": string"KE": string"KI": string"KR": string"KS": string"KW": string"KG": string"LA": string"LV": string"LB": string"LS": string"LR": string"LY": string"LI": string"LT": string"LU": string"MO": string"MK": string"MG": string"MW": string"MY": string"MV": string"ML": string"MT": string"MH": string"MQ": string"MR": string"MU": string"YT": string"MX": string"FM": string"MD": string"MC": string"MN": string"MNE": string"MS": string"MA": string"MZ": string"MM": string"NA": string"NR": string"BN": string"NP": string"NL": string"AN": string"NC": string"NZ": string"NI": string"NE": string"NG": string"NU": string"NF": string"MP": string"NO": string"OM": string"OTHER": string"PK": string"PW": string"PS": string"PA": string"PG": string"PY": string"PE": string"PH": string"PL": string"PT": string"PR": string"QA": string"RE": string"RO": string"RU": string"RW": string"BLM": string"KN": string"LC": string"MAF": string"VC": string"WS": string"SM": string"ST": string"SA": string"SN": string"SRB": string"SC": string"SL": string"SG": string"SX": string"SK": string"SI": string"SB": string"SO": string"ZA": string"SGS": string"SS": string"ES": string"LK": string"PM": string"SR": string"SZ": string"SE": string"CH": string"TW": string"TJ": string"TZ": string"TH": string"TLS": string"TG": string"TO": string"TT": string"TN": string"TR": string"TM": string"TC": string"TV": string"UG": string"UA": string"AE": string"UK": string"US": string"UY": string"UZ": string"VU": string"VA": string"VE": string"VN": string"VG": string"VI": string"WF": string"YE": string"ZM": string"EAZ": string"ZW": string

Default value of this property is "US"



Select your currency

Value options:

"USD": string"AFN": string"EUR": string"ALL": string"AOA": string"XCD": string"AMD": string"AWG": string"SHP": string"AUD": string"AZN": string"BSD": string"BHD": string"BDT": string"BYR": string"BZD": string"XOF": string"BMD": string"BTN": string"BAM": string"BWP": string"NOK": string"BRL": string"BND": string"BGN": string"BIF": string"KHR": string"XAF": string"CAD": string"CVE": string"KYD": string"CLP": string"KMF": string"CDF": string"NZD": string"CRC": string"CZK": string"DKK": string"DJF": string"DOP": string"EGP": string"SVC": string"ERN": string"XPF": string"NIO": string"NGN": string"OMR": string"PKR": string"PGK": string"PYG": string"PHP": string"PLN": string"QAR": string"RON": string"RUB": string"RWF": string"WST": string"STD": string"SAR": string"RSD": string"SCR": string"SLL": string"SGD": string"SBD": string"SOS": string"ZAR": string"KRW": string"LKR": string"SRD": string"SZL": string"SEK": string"CHF": string"TWD": string"TJS": string"TZS": string"THB": string"TOP": string"TTD": string"TND": string"TRY": string"TMT": string"UGX": string"UAH": string"AED": string"GBP": string"UYU": string"UZS": string"VUV": string"VND": string"YER": string"ZMW": string"ZWL": string"ETB": string"FKP": string"FJD": string"GMD": string"GEL": string"GHS": string"GIP": string"GTQ": string"GNF": string"GYD": string"HTG": string"HNL": string"HKD": string"HUF": string"ISK": string"INR": string"IDR": string"IQD": string"ILS": string"JMD": string"JPY": string"KZT": string"KES": string"KWD": string"KGS": string"LAK": string"LBP": string"LSL": string"LRD": string"LYD": string"MOP": string"MKD": string"MWK": string"MYR": string"MVR": string"MUR": string"MXN": string"MDL": string"MNT": string"MAD": string"MZN": string"MMK": string"NAD": string"NPR": string"ARS": string"PEN": string"DZD": string"JOD": string"BOB": string"COP": string"BBD": string"PAB": string"HRK": string

Default value of this property is "USD"



Include description for products - note that this might slightly slow down the scraper

Default value of this property is false

Max feedback count


Set maximum number of feedback entries

Default value of this property is 0

Max question and answers count


Set maximum number of scraped Q&A entries

Default value of this property is 0

Proxy configuration


Select proxies to be used by your crawler

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

Extend output function


Function that takes a JQuery handle ($) as argument and returns data that will be merged with the default output

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