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Scrape flights from Ryanair. Crawl and extract flights, prices, availability, and more. Creates a Ryanair API to let you scrape based on round trip, one way trip, and passenger management (adults, teens, children, infants) options.

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Not enough results show up


educated_lark opened this issue
7 days ago

Hi, Just testing out Ryanair Scraper, but there seems to be an issue with results I'm getting. The thing is that only 4 results show up and all of those has the same date for arrival and departure, and there are no results that would have a different departure and arrival date, even though there should be. Please see the details in the attached screenshots as well as in Actor run URL. I tried this several times with different input date, but it was the same outcome all the time.

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epctex (epctex)

6 days ago

Hey there!

Thank you very much for reaching out, and letting us know about your problem. This is happening because of the flexDays attribute. Simply, the actor hits RyanAir's website with flexible flight dates of 3 days. Therefore, it retrieves the results for all the 3+- days. So the actor is working properly in it's sense. We suggest you to change the flexDays property to get the best results.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Feel free to re-open, comment on this issue, or create a new one. Best

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