KR SSG Scraper

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Scraper intended to extract data from

KR SSG Scraper

CheerioCrawler project

This template is a production ready boilerplate for developing with CheerioCrawler. Use this to bootstrap your projects using the most up-to-date code.

We decided to split Apify SDK into two libraries, Crawlee and Apify SDK v3. Crawlee will retain all the crawling and scraping-related tools and will always strive to be the best web scraping library for its community. At the same time, Apify SDK will continue to exist, but keep only the Apify-specific features related to building actors on the Apify platform. Read the upgrading guide to learn about the changes.

If you're looking for examples or want to learn more visit:

Documentation reference

Writing a README

See our tutorial on writing READMEs for your actors if you need more inspiration.