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LinkedIn Company Search Scraper

LinkedIn Company Search Scraper

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1 day trial then $19.99/month - No credit card required now

The most efficient way to search and extract company data from LinkedIn. Scrape thousands of companies in seconds.

Authentication Token


LinkedIn authentication Token. Set to the value of the li_at cookie from a Web browser after a successful authentication on The token expires after 1 year or after a logout from LinkedIn.

Preferred Language


Preferred language to autocomplete filters and localize results.

Value options:

"en-US": string"ar-AE": string"in-ID": string"zh-CN": string"zh-TW": string"cs-CZ": string"da-DK": string"nl-NL": string"fr-FR": string"de-DE": string"hi-IN": string"it-IT": string"ja-JP": string"ko-KR": string"ms-MY": string"no-NO": string"pl-PL": string"pt-BR": string"ro-RO": string"ru-RU": string"es-ES": string"sv-SE": string"tl-PH": string"th-TH": string"tr-TR": string"uk-UA": string

Search Keywords


Company search keywords, as on LinkedIn.

Location Filter


Filter companies by location, as on LinkedIn. LinkedIn autocompletion is applied to location strings.

Industry Filter


Filter companies by industry, as on LinkedIn. LinkedIn autocompletion is applied to industry strings.

Size Filter


Filter companies by size, as on LinkedIn. Accepted values are: "1-10", "11-50", "51-200", "201-500", "501-1000", "1001-5000", "5001-10000" and "10000+".

Has Jobs Filter


Filter companies with active job offers only, as on LinkedIn.

Network Depth Filter


Filter companies based on connections working there, as on LinkedIn.

Value options:

"1": string



Maximum number of companies to be scraped. From 0 to 1000. Default to 50.

Default value of this property is 50



Skip the first [offset] results. From 0 to 999. Default to 0.

Default value of this property is 0

Location Id Filter


Filter companies by location id. Provided for compatibility purpose, use Location Filter when possible.

Industry Id Filter


Filter companies by industry id. Provided for compatibility purpose, use Industry Filter when possible.

Proxy Configuration


Apify Proxy Configuration

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":false}

Dataset Name


Name or id of the dataset that will be used for storing results. If left empty, the default dataset of the actor will be used.

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